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Could an Electrical Grid Failure be a Blessing?

UAV: I Love it when a great Plan comes together!!! ❤

From in5d. I will copy and paste a portion of the article and then provide a link where you can go and read the rest.

Multi-Dimensional Earth

Multi-Dimensional Earth

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Is it possible that a CME, EMP, or any other act of God could bring a DNA upgrade? What would you do in the event of a total electrical grid loss? How does the loss of electricity tie to a possible DNA upgrade?

There are many theories as to what would cause an electrical grid loss. Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP’s), solar flares, the sun’s polarity shift, and “terrorism” are just a few of the hot topics. This article is not about fear mongering or prepping although preparing for a short period without electricity is always a good idea.

Most of the cosmic energy that is meant for us to receive in order to reactivate our DNA may be being blocked by those whose primary agenda is the continuation of domination, control, and tyranny on this planet. Earth’s vibrational resonance or electromagnetic field, is at 7.83 hertz per second. When humans increase their vibrational frequency of 7.83 hertz in prayer and meditation, it creates a space in which they can move into higher levels of dimensions. This can be achieved in a meditative state, which opens the doorways to knowledge and healing. This space is the definition of the phrase “all of the answers are within”. Those of power do not want humanity to discover this secret doorway.

What we have been doing in our ascension is raising our vibration gradually with the help of the energy coming from the center of the cosmos, where our Creator exists. What if this energy came through full strength all of the sudden to raise our vibration? Would it be the key to unlocking our “junk DNA” codes? The secrets of the universe lie within these extra DNA strands, which were genetically deactivated at the time of the fall of Atlantis approximately 12,500 years ago.

What are the implications of everyone being able to heal at this level of vibration? We would no longer need big pharma and the medical industry would change to focus on holistic ways of keeping our bodies at this level of vibration. What if we could be at a state of walking meditation all of the time? We would take our power back and gain our freedom. What if we could visit other levels of dimensions or other cosmoses by being tapped into this frequency? We have done this before and will one day remember how to do this again.

The creator’s plan all along, from the very beginning of “the fall” of vibrational frequency on earth, was to have an “event” which would restore the vibrational frequency. We can only speculate what this “event” is, as it seems that it is to be a surprise! The cabal could be the cause of blocking the signal to reactivating our DNA through ELF waves (Extremely Low Frequencies), and have planned for thousands of years to play their “ace in the hole” in this very lifetime.. The main sources of these signals exist through electrical currents via cell phone, wi-fi, televisions, radios, and HAARP. The amount of EMF frequency has been measured to be 100 times more than normal!

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  1. The essential aspect for the majority of humans is calmness they don’t have to be Gurus . Humans resonate together as a group the energy matches that resonation and drives it into a new resonation. Yes, many attempts are being made to counter the effect but the actual vibration is like a large wave when confronted with a smaller one it will just ride over it and negate it.

  2. My notes are in your FB post. Thanks for the post AV 🙂

    • Thank you, too, SWoC. I’ll go and check that 🙂

  3. Great article! Thanks for posting it.
    We can overcome all the little waves (I like your example cuthelain!)
    Calm, peace & love. It really is that simple!

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