Posted by: AngelicView | October 24, 2013

Will There Be Power Outages in November?

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Many blogs and web sites are sharing dire warnings of government-imposed power interruptions as they perform “drills” to test and prove our grid is highly vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

They neglect to mention, however, that the members of the rogue US government are the terrorists. The biggest bully on the planet is the USA and everyone in the world but the American people knows it—that’s why they can get away with these false flags and acts of terror for decades.

There may well be power interruptions on the planet in November, but a very likely culprit will be the Sun and its petulant spouts of coronal mass ejections which are now spewing high volumes of energy directly at Earth. It’s not rocket science, and “D” at Removing the Shackles has been following it—a self-admitted amateur. She’s actually very good.

You may wish to read her post about that here.


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