Posted by: AngelicView | October 24, 2013

Ships on the Back-Side of the Moon? More Info Today…


***Edited to add my friend’s video 🙂

AngelicView: My friends and I have been discussing the “Whistle-Blower” video of a man claiming that there are “L-Shaped” ships on the back-side of the moon. I will post that video just below for those that may not have seen it yet. However, don’t stop there because I have more information, too.

First of all, a close personal friend of mine was watching the Lunar Eclipse on Friday, Oct 18, and she noticed flickering lights around the lower right of the moon. She grabbed her iPad and filmed it, I saw the video. I don’t have permission to post the video here, but I will if she says it’s okay.

Secondly, Tolec came out tonight with a video confirming from his point of view (The Andromeda Council) of the reality of the ships. He says they are there and that they are 3rd dimensional humans who are friendly. He does go into a little more detail about it and I’ll post that video second.

Also – and this doesn’t have anything to do with the ships behind the moon – I will post Tolec’s last video, which I neglected to post before. I think most of my readers have probably already seen that one by now.

The thing about Tolec is that either people love him or they hate him (except me – I’m kind of indifferent). I think I let the “haters” get to me 😉  For those who may not have already heard me say this a hundred times already, I don’t know if Tolec is real or not. Sorry :(…. I have had personal emails back a forth a few times with him and he is always very kind and respectful – just like in the videos. 🙂

Whistle-Blower Video

Published on Oct 20, 2013

10/20/13 – Phone interview with a major government player, revealing the truth about the recent government shutdown of all space related projects, and the military buildup led by FEMA.

CLARIFICATION: Due to massive viewer demand, I will attempt to answer some of the questions surrounding this interview to the best of my ability. What I know is as follows; the man being interviewed contacted us here at Secureteam through our personal email address not linked with our YT account. We arranged and did the interview over the telephone, from which he called us. The number he called from was spoofed, meaning that his original location was blocked from means of tracking. This has been verified to be true. The name he used in the interview is an alias, as well as certain locations mentioned in the interview.

We were short on time due to our sources constrictions, and did the best we could to get the main points of this information during the interview, hoping to clarify said points more in depth on a follow up call. We were under the impression from the get-go that this entire process was under our source’s terms, as we have not made contact with him for the two days following the interview. This man is risking a lot to get this information out, despite his understanding that many viewers would dismiss said information no matter what evidence presented. Leaks like this do not always come neatly wrapped with verifiable sources and proof. There is a process to uncovering the truth, which often comes with much waiting, and in small but big steps. I ask that all of our viewers be patient, and suspend the reservations they might have about this interview, as I can assure you the powers that be are counting on you not to do.

We will post updates momentarily and as soon as we can get in contact with our source. Stay tuned, subscribe and keep an open mind. These are very strange times indeed.

Tolec late Oct 23rd

This Andromeda Council report is based on a critical review of recent information confirmed by my Andromeda Council contacts regarding –

“L” shaped ships allegedly docked on the back side of Earth’s Moon as reported in an October 20, 2013 – “secureteam10” YouTube video by an alleged outside NASA consultant.

My Friend’s Video from her iPad

Tolec “Visitation Preliminary Report” Sept 29th

This Andromeda Council – Preliminary – Visitation Report is based on recent information provided by my Andromeda Council contacts within the last couple of days regarding
the incoming biosphere Xanterexx, a trailing asteroid behind it… as a result, the possibility of “potential” severe earth changes;

and what to expect when the visitation of the “good will & liaison team”… and immediately following them the people of the four (4), highly diverse, aligned Andromeda Council member planets… begin their visitation with the people of Earth, and how long it will last.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: The “Andromeda Council” biosphere Xanterexx – IS NOT – “dragging behind it”… pulling or towing… an asteroid.

Xanerexx is purposefully monitoring this asteroid. And it will do as much it can to ‘bump’/move/nudge/shift it… so as to diminish & mitigate as much as possible the cause & effects of any close, possible ‘fly-by’… of this asteroid… with planet Earth. These actions – are consistent – with the actions of the people of the Andromeda Council to mitigate & reduce the possible cause & effects… of ANY celestial events… on planet Earth.



  1. of coarse ther are ships on the back side of the moon the dominion is there, they run the show in this sector of the universe, the archons lured them here fro where they were,as they had alot of different genetic incorperated in their genes and so the archons wanted those genes in the new specy they called hu-man however all the races doing experiments on humans, posed a problem and enki wanted a planet full of slaves and goodlooking ones so he could play with them to,,, lol, satan joined in and then was thrown down to earth,,,, so it is understandable that there are ships on the back side of the moon, i worked for the dominion at one time,,, it was in another lifetime, by the way that is why nasa is not going to the moon, because they got warned off the moon, and never to return,, really you find this amasing???? there is a ship on the moon that is very big, and there are videos of that ship, there are bases there, left by man, and there are cities there, one of which even has a land bridge, why does this surprize you???? there are satalites from our last civilization, flying around mars which were left there, they are still there, the information is is there if people want to look and find it….smurfy

    • Whoa! Pipe down there shooter. I’ve been “awake” for a long time. There’s not much out there that really surprises me anymore. I am learning like everyone else. 😉

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