Posted by: AngelicView | September 8, 2013

2013-2017 is Transition to Positive Timeline


AngelicView: This, according to Peter Kling. He is considered a Biblical Prophecy expert. He says that it will look like the world will be going down the toilet (not his words exactly, mine 😉  ) and then the positive timeline will kick in. True? I have no idea! Interesting? Yes!

Video Description: Expert Peter Kling: 2013-2017 is key transition ending in positive timeline
VANCOUVER, BC — In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Hermeneutics expert Peter Kling explores the timeline from 2013-2017 as a key transition for humanity and the Earth as set out in a 3.5-year period commencing March 21, 2013 (3-21-13). The Old and New Testaments are, according to Mr. Kling, Exopolitical documents containing a history of extraterrestrial and interdimensional relations with humanity and Earth. Decoding these texts, Mr. Kling identifies a first phase of 2014-15 that represents the rollout of the New World Order (a global dictatorship), with trigger dates starting on 4-14-14 and coinciding with four full lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses all of Hebrew holidays, an unprecedented celestial configuration (See Figure A). At around 2016, Armageddon comes as a culmination of this 3.5-year period and is actually, according to Mr. Kling’s Exopolitical perspective, a liberation of Earth by advanced ethical Extraterrestrials from the New World Order and oppressive bloodline monarchies and bankers. To add to transformation, earth changes may accompany this transition around 2016 in the form of a Nibiru-like event, with a brown dwarf twin star to our Sun transiting the inner solar system.

2017: A positive timeline

Mr. Kling’s analysis shows that by 2017 humanity, with transformed consciousness and DNA, is on a positive timeline.
Expert Peter Kling: 2013-2017 is key transition ending in positive timeline…



  1. The carrot and the stick comes to mind. Prediction is hopeless, there is nothing at all that is set in stone this is a flux time where nothing exist but the next moment. Things are changing so fast that anything can happen or not happen. There are only possblities and potentials.

    • Yes, I completely agree with you. This guy’s theories on what verses in the Bible mean were very interesting to hear 🙂

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