Posted by: AngelicView | July 26, 2013

Response From Tolec

By AngelicView

I just wanted to make a new post with Tolec’s response, for those who are following this story. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please see this post.

So here is his response:


Thanks for your note.

As for “Tyche” and the brown dwarf “Tekoma” being the same celestial body… the answer is “no” on this one.

Tekoma & the planet that accompanies it, Nihohia, {& its moon} – they are all still docked on the back side, still ‘tucked’ safely on the back side of Jupiter with its mass assortment of 64 moons.

They have been temporarily ‘docked’ there until the appropriate moment, when it is safest for the people of Earth, when the combined biospheres of the Andromeda Council will safely use their [to use a term most people will understand] ‘tractor beams’ to move Tekoma, Nihohia & its moon… into their new orbit close to Venus.

Wodakote. {from the planet Dakote for: “peace”}

take care,
have a great weekend,

Andromeda Council

AngelicView: So it looks like I was wrong about this new planet being the planet and brown dwarf that he was talking about.

It seems to me that if Andromeda Biospheres are supposed to pick up people who wish to continue living in a 3D world in August or September this year… it seems like there’s not much time left for people to be notified of this big decision and actually prepare or anything. What do you all think about this? Do you think Tolec is genuine, or genuine but misguided, or not genuine at all?

Go ahead and leave a comment, if you’d like 🙂




  1. Someone who I trust told me that Tolec is a “mixed contact” so some of his info might be right, but not all. We’ll just have to see… 🙂

    The Earth changes don’t sound that pleasurable, but ascension to a higher consciousness would be a really nice option. I’ve been hoping for it, but I don’t really know what to think about it anymore. Maybe we are supposed to go these drastic changes so that a new world can emerge from the ashes?

    • True! And the Earth Changes that he was expecting have not been as bad (yet) as he said. Which, of course, is a good thing 🙂

  2. Right or wrong, it’s good reading. Enjoy the journey. Opinions are like…well, you know. My opinion of his being right or wrong has a 50% CHANCE of being right or wrong 🙂 so my opinion is no better than his.

    • Yeah, I’m with ya there, ksense 🙂

  3. The time period for any changes is short so we don’t have long to wait to see the truth emerge. It is hard to speculate from our perspective very little can be gleaned from the sources one would expect to hear fom (NASA for instance ) they have resources but much that they reveal is questionable. From my own perspective I feel there is nothing to worry about, much that is going on regarding changes is very gentle indeed. My own intuition which these days is bereft of the sharpness of old tells me there nothing is set in stone as it were.
    I have nodoubt given great and powerful resources the solar system can be moulded . New planets and a captured sun would work out very well for our species.

    • Frank, when you say, “The time period for any changes is short”, I have to say to that, “I truly hope so”… but also, how do you know? ❤ 🙂

  4. Human senses are not enough to detect any changes. First you have to notice changes within yourself than… maybe your conscious will help you to see further…I think I can trust Tolec, telling that we should be aware about any kind of “Light chambers, portals etc.” being potential traps. What about other things, as you said: we will see SOON.(I love this word).A lot of big Ego circulating the Internet, is up to you who you will choose to believe. I’m reading all for more than 3 years and now come to two sources only -Andromeda Council and Aisha North. The last one channels CCs(Constant Companions).Look there for some info. Maybe it will help to expand your view.

  5. Interesting exchange. I’m glad to see people discussing the issue. It’s worth noting that one of Tolec’s associates who also considers herself to be a friend (Tanaath of the Silver Legion) states that her ET/ED group of light warriors does not see the emergence of Tekoma in our future timeline. She is straightforward about this and offers no excuses or justifications. They just don’t see this brown dwarf star coming in.

    Further in private communication Tanaath advised that the information obtained from the Andromeda Council is heavily colored by their own perception of future timelines. Specifically they see the “result” but not necessarily the actions required to achieve that result. Tanaath did say that the earlier “shining ray asteroid” fiasco from last year was in fact a last minute blind side attack that deflected the asteroid from it’s course. In her opinion the energy still reached us even if us regular mortals were hungering for tangible confirmation of Tolec’s whole story.

    I don’t think we’re going to get anything approaching a “confirmation” of Tekoma or the dimensional shift much before actual events occur. It’s a bit frustrating to figure out why Tolec announces things as he does (if Tekoma is still “tucked away” out of sight, why raise expectations by mentioning it?) but raising the issue with him does not result in meaningful clarification. Speculation only serves as a template for our collective insecurities.

    On the other side I do take heart in two undeniable facts. First there is no question that general awareness of the cabal and it’s various manipulations is increasing. Ten years ago the latest false flag Syrian event would have carried the day immediately. Now people are questioning and the attack has been put on hold. Additionally countries like Iceland and Hungary are opting out of the Rothschild system of private debt based central banks and printing their own debt free currency. This is hugely important. Perhaps our ET friends are helping behind the scenes and in any event this is something we need to clamor for here in the good old USA.

    The second hopeful support for the whole issue of the shift to 4D is the undeniable upheaval in weather patterns throughout the solar system and the consistent, down to earth and highly documented words of Simon Parkes in the UK. If you haven’t followed his work you will be greatly rewarded to discover it. This link takes you to a page with many of his interviews. (

    Parkes says the shift will become unstoppable by 2016. On a gut level, I believe him.

    Finally I’ll mention a very interesting development. Parkes says we will have a false flag ET invasion very soon. Before It’s News just carried a story today about a primitive looking antigravity war machine looking UFO that has been buzzing around the battlefields in Syrian. Pictures and videos are provided along with a voice over by a British sounding announcer. The accompanying story says that soldiers of the FSA are saying this thing is hunting them down and attacking them with weapons “not of this earth”.

    We all know about photo shop and CGI so this will have to be confirmed before it becomes news and not a hoax. If it is confirmed however and the narrative about targeting FSA fighters is repeated we’ll have important confirmation that we are entering the cabal’s end game. Remember only naive terrans programmed by movies of “superheros” believe that ET’s will show up in flying tanks with weapons hanging out. These are primitive anti gravity craft from our own shadow government. Remember all this appears to be leading towards some kind of “event” in October/November that is intended to bring us to our knees and clamor for a “one world government”. We’ve got to do our best, regardless of frustration around things like Tekoma, to keep raising awareness and getting out the truth of what is going on.

    • Thanks so much for all the additional information, Julian! I have heard of Tanaath of the Silver Legion. I don’t know if she has a website or something? The only thing that made me second-guess what she says is that she is affiliated with John Kettler. Maybe she no longer is, but back when I used to follow him, she would often talk to people in comments on his site. Now, I can’t say that I know for sure whether or not John Kettler is the real deal *shrugs shoulders* but it seemed to me that his stories got more and more outlandish. Maybe his stories were truth and I just had a hard time believing them.

      I was just talking to some of my friends the other day… there are so many different versions of the story of what’s going on here on Planet Earth right now! So many! Some people say the only ET’s left around Earth right now are good and we should trust them and other’s say ‘but watch out for a false flag attack’. While still others say that ET’s are ‘bad’ and only want to destroy us… then all the different people with different dates and what will and won’t happen. Ugh! I just want to know, you know? Forgive me, but I would just like to know. I think it was in my life contract that I can not be psychic and I can not know what will happen – because it seems everyone else knows what’s going to happen. Trouble is, is that everyone knows something different will happen. lol!

      Anyway, great comment. I get frustrated sometimes and I do try to just enjoy ‘today’ and not get all worked up one way or the other about what will happen in the future.

      I have not heard of the other person you talked about – so I will visit the link you provided. Thanks again 🙂

    • Seems that you are well informed. Thank you for sharing this with us. I still feel uncomfortable even knowing that it will be false flag. How the people who have no idea what is going on will take it. I feel disaster…And more I want to talk about it the more ridicule I encounter.
      Take care.

    • Hello Julian,
      I just noticed: the time you posted your comment…

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