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Denise LeFay: The Hard Transition of Taking Back Our Power…

AngelicView: My opinion ↓

This is so funny because I was just today thinking about Denise LeFay and wondering if she has put out something new lately!

Also, what I had been thinking about before I read this article – and I think the thought fits here, is all those people who are still reading the same channelers. Do they realize that these same channelers have been saying that (this) or (that) is right around the next bend for years now? Not one thing – not one – thing that they have promised has been manifested. And yet people are still reading them and waiting… waiting for what’s just around the next bend.

My world is pretty much full of joy. I have a house and a family and a beautiful yard and two kitties that I adore. If I could stay in my yard and my house forever, I’d think I was living in 5D. But I can’t! I have to go out into that big bad world. I have to work. I have to run errands. When I get outside my little world here, I can tell that the rest of the world needs change.

I feel the Lightworkers are being led astray by the channelings. I think they are waiting for the ET’s to come and save us from ourselves. This frustrates me.

I’m not Christian, but I remember some kind of quote in the Bible that says something like, “you shall know them by their fruits”, or something like that.

This is how I read Denise’s message.  😉

Love! Love! Love!

Now, to the article: ↓

The Hard Transition of Taking Back Our Power & Mastering Responsibility

By Denise LeFay

One of the highly important spiritual and energetic lessons many of us have been or currently are having to master is that of individually taking back our power and being aware that we are responsible. For the past few thousand years humanity has been deliberately and profoundly dis-empowered through different sources, systems, and 800x800 timeisup beliefs on earth–religious beliefs; beliefs about our physical bodies and our health; beliefs about what we eat and drink; beliefs about wars, killing, fighting; beliefs about whose got “god” and/or “right” on their side and who doesn’t etc. It’s all rather clever crap when you honestly look at how humanity has been so effectively screwed with, controlled, and turned into parasitic vampires and unconscious zombies. Ever wonder why those story lines–and others about ETs only being negative–are force-fed continuously to the masses through movies and TV shows? It’s to get global humanity to believe and accept that living parasitically off of others, and, not thinking or feeling anything is normal! Nothing of course could be farther from the truth.

My friend Stu mentioned in an email a couple of weeks ago that these latest Zombie Apocalypse movies are further attempts to herd more people’s consciousness towards‘Planet B’ and I could not agree with him more. The Dark Ones–both nonhuman and human–continue pushing hard to get as many people as they can mentally and emotionally fixated on and acclimated towards growing planetary negativity, fear, chaos, danger, victim-hood, and therefore the supposed need for total lock-down over humanity by the “Powers That Were”. I say were because “they” are separating from the earth world and timeline I live in, or I could say that the earth world and timeline I’m living in are separating from “them”, those Powers That Were. They will however continue to be available in another earth world and timeline for the people/souls who either still want that type of negative controlled reality and energies etc., or, who got suckered, hooked, conned, “brainwashed”, derailed and intentionallyNewEarth3 herded into that world and timeline. Same old tactics used on mass humanity, but now it’s to herd them directly into Planet B and its timeline and as far away from the other earth worlds and timelines that are Ascending (‘Planet A/B’ and others).

After thousands of years of humanity being deliberately pulled apart through their beliefs about everything, including so thoroughly separated internally and externally that they can’t do anything for themselves which was Team Dark’s end goal with all this, now in 2013 humanity is being pushed to evolve out of that old negativity and dis-empowerment and lack of personal and collective responsibility etc. and into growing “unity” instead of growing “separation”. Or not… hence why there are multiple worlds and timelines for all and the unfolding Separation of Worlds. There’s never been only one “Schoolroom” and there never will be. Source/God/Us All are far more creative and complex than that.

Many people have experienced the rude awakening of having one or more humans lie and con them, but also of having nonhuman, nonphysical Negative beings or entities also lie and con them. Before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle with its blueprints and all, it was more difficult for most people to discern when humans and nonhuman, nonphysical beings where lying to them, using them to harm others, feeding them lies to harm themselves and as many other people as possible. But since the Shift into 2013, more people are finally sensing, seeing, feeling, and consciously realizing that some of the messages being whispered in their own inner ears, and in many other people’s, are not the “good guys” after all but are Team Dark claiming to be Team Light. Astral beings/entities can claim to be anyone, any group, or anything but that sure as hell doesn’t mean it’s the truth!

The situation underneath all this now is that more people are having to learn how to discern for themselves how different energies and beings/entities sound, communicate, what they say, how they say it, and how it makes you feel and so on. In Minolta DSCother words, individual discernment is a prerequisite to continued Ascension/Evolution. The other aspect of this situation is that, after one learns how to discern Duality energies and beings (Positive and Negative) for themselves, and for themselves is key, the next step in this Ascension related Process is to gradually evolve into re-learning how to Consciously Create for oneself.

After thousands of years of humanity being intentionally dis-empowered and taught to not take any responsibility for anything, this evolutionary turnaround is going to be much more difficult for some people, whereas for others, it will be a breeze to slide back into what is normal and natural. Nonetheless, this is one entree on the current Spiritual Menu for humanity now so more people are having to deal with mastering both personally being able to discern all things/beings/people/situations/information/locations etc. for themselves, and simultaneously re-learn how to Consciously Create for themselves. Said another way, those of us who want to evolve/ascend now are having to take back our personal power, be fully responsible consciously, and re-learn how to Consciously Create or be the Creator Beings we actually are underneath all the old negative layers of Team Dark poison, lies, distortions and vast BS the human collective bought into long ago.

What I really want everyone to grasp now is that we’ve reached that point within the Ascension Process (the Third Trimester and beyond) where many of us Forerunners are currently having to Consciously Create what we individually want, need, or desire because 1) it’s time that we re-learned how to do this individually and 2) because it’s simply the next step in our ongoing Ascension educations and 3) because we’re on such NEW, clean, ground now in mid-2013 that if we don’t Consciously Create and intend and visualize from our High Hearts what we want, it ain’t gonna manifest!Lightworker1 Seriously, who else is there that’s going to do it for us at this point? And more importantly, is someone or something else supposed to create it for us now or are we supposed to evolve/ascend into individual empowerment and conscious creativity now?

I know you already know the answers to these questions and like me, you too just need to get the hang of it once again. Don’t wait for or expect someone else to do it for you because we’re so far beyond that point now it’s laughable. Be the Creator Being you really are; step back into your individual Empowerment you had before you incarnated here and had to lay it down for a while; be responsible for yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, emotions, ideas, creativity etc. because doing so only further empowers you to be the Conscious Creator that you and I need to become now.


June 25, 2013

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  1. I have to agree with you Angelic View. In my own little world everything is perfect and harmonious. I sometimes wonder why I should post things that in reality cannot touch me. However, I do see much that is dangerous for the world and know that some people need stirring t awaken their minds to what is and what can be. I do find that misery and pain is somehow attractive. Much of our drama and media is full of it. People are happy are often seen as being in some way lacking.
    As for the extra terrestrials they are and have been around the planet for some time in great numbers. Yet they do not act other than observe or perhaps give hints to those who can appreciate their teachings of how things are.
    Although on a personal level my psychic and spiritual journeys have taken me to interesting levels. I don’t allow any entity to encroach upon my space.
    In my view it is I that need to experience without influence and make my own mind up without predjudice.
    There is definately a raising of consciousness going on but it is a slow process . It is not a good idea to fall into any kind of worship or cult. People need to be independent in thought and actions should ideally be mindful and hopefully full of the best intentions.

  2. Thanks. This is great. Yes, we do have to discern for ourselves. That can be a hard lesson to learn if you are used to following directions (like a good little robot). But learn it we must.

    If only I could get the ‘stuff’ to come to me (food, electricity, fabric, etc.) I would not leave my wonderful little space! But then again, I meet the most wonderful people ‘out there’ and how can I give to them if I do not go out & see them.

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