Posted by: AngelicView | June 26, 2013

A chat with Jesus, intervention on free will, Healing, Memory Wash ~ A QHHT Session with Marilyn Dyke

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Hi All ~ My friend and fellow QHHT practitioner, Marilyn Dyke, has given her permission for me to post this session as has her gracious client. The questions and answers are beautiful, mind-bending and so very deep. You can find Marilyn’s blog here:




Marilyn ~ This client’s HC was such a delight to speak to, there was so much information it was difficult to condense.


When I moved the client through the death scene in the past life and into the between life state they described their experience this way:

It’s a meeting place, it’s a familiar place.

So you recognize it?

Yes, and it can take on any shape that I want, if I want to experience matter I can do that If I want to experience light and light form I can do that, I can communicate any way I want,  I can travel…

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