Posted by: AngelicView | June 12, 2013

OMG! The World Really IS Changing!

AngelicView: I am experiencing tears of Joy right now. Thanks to Suzanne Spooner, Ron Head, and… Glenn Beck. You’ll see.


To My Lovely Readers,chat with god

As some of you are aware, the sweet and kind hearted Ron Head of the Oracles and Healers blog, has recently moved to Iowa so that he and I can continue to have QHHT sessions with our dear friend, God/Creator. Although we get immense joy from these sessions and the amazing information that comes from them it’s not just for our own joy that we are doing this. We want to share this information with any who want it! So, we are in the process of writing a book(s) and developing a website where audio files will be downloadable of our sessions. We are very excited about that! 

Today though, I started our session with a question about the Glenn Beck You Tube clip that is buzzing around the internet. I can hardly believe that I am putting Glen Beck’s name on my blog, let alone am happy to do so considering the content of that clip and the greater ramifications that it brings. This is BIG!  For those who haven’t seen the video yet, I’ll note that in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) a classic understanding is that if ’we’ don’t pay attention to our life’s purpose our ‘body’ creates a crisis so that we do. Interesting then that Glen has lost his voice.. Here is a tiny bit of that session transcribed:


Suzanne: We’ve noticed recently on the internet that a person who is quite well known, as been quite a mouth piece for fear and hate, has kind of come around full circle. He has posted a video on YouTube with the message made up of words written on cards because he has lost his voice, the voice he has been famous for. On these cards he talks about the lesson he has learned due to his voice becoming paralyzed. We would like to have a deeper understanding of what his experience is an example of or what the lesson is for humanity in this experience.

Creator: There is an ongoing process which we have described before in other formats and we have termed it…(long pause)…we do not find the word. It is that, those who oppose what you are calling ascension, those whom you call illuminati or We like your term, “powers that were” are being sequestered in the same light that really, is being sent to all of you.

It is restricting their ability to act in the ways that they have insisted on acting and they will remain under these restraints until they have had an experience such as Mr. Beck is having.

As we have spoken before, when the light goes on, it removes and disperses all shadow. And at some point each and every human will experience the transformation of his predilection for dark. The understanding of what he is there to do and become what you call a light worker.

In this gentlemans case, he is experiencing exactly what he agreed to experience and he is experiencing it at the time and the place and the manner which will make the greatest impact which is what he desired to do. Many of those of whom you consider dark workers, will surprise you greatly. Not that they did not work for the dark but that they did so for reasons such as this gentleman.

Suzanne: So we’ll see more people like Glenn Beck coming through and changing their opinions of things?

Creator: There are others who came into this life with such a…contract… and there are still others who have already changed their contracts since coming into this life. And there will be still others that will make the same decisions. As We have mentioned before, the ascension of mankind, earth-kind, is has now the goal of bringing everyone along. And events such as you are witnessing with this gentleman will go a long way toward that goal.

Suzanne: So many people, I imagine, who were not in favor of the ascension for humanity’s higher good, are taking notice of Glen’s You Tube clip?

Creator: Yes! And there have been others previously, although not in quite the spot light as we have also discussed before.

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  1. Much like St Paul this has been a shock to his system , he may well have had a sudden awakening. It is already powerful considering his previous history. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

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