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Charles Hall’s Tall White Alien (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

By Laron at Transients

This is the second and final article in my summary write up of the talk I went to with Charles Hall in Sydney back in April. This is a question and Answer session.

Question – “Why have the tall whites grown so tall based upon where they come from on their planet?”

Answer – The gravity on their planet is one and a half to two times stronger, Charles suspects. It also has a much higher air pressure, and higher temperature. But his answer is that because of the evolution of their species, based upon needing to be a certain height to survive, and the conditions of their planet, that they have simply grown to that height.

He provided a story of how he fell over and scratched his knee, and then the next (day? week?) the tall whites came and asked him how it healed so fast as they do not heal this fast and they have to be very careful about hurting them selves, or falling over, as they are a long way from the ground because of their height.

Question – “Did anyone else working in the same location come out and discuss their experiences?”

Charles talks about a few people he served with. One in particular who knew there were beings of some sort out there but wouldn’t go out there. Another one of his work colleagues said the first time he saw them he thought they were ghosts. Charles Hall then talks about situations in life that we wish we could forget and provides an example of when he was in Vietnam, in the war, years later, and he explains an experience that occurred which he has tried to forget since then, and even today he doesn’t want to remember.

He explains that when interacting with the tall whites, and going out on the ranges , that some of the people that had to do this had so much fear, and that they wanted to forget it. One of his colleagues said to him that they were surprised that he wanted to remember, as an example.

He provides another example when he was in his truck and some tall whites were on the road, a narrow road with tall white children and he had to stop and wait. There were tall white guards there as well. He said he had to wait until they had left. He mentions that when they stopped him, the guards when he was in his truck, he said this was a situation he wanted to forget at one point because of how frightened he was of that experience. He had to later tell him self to ‘be a man’ and get it together, to overcome his fear.

Question – “How do you reconcile your Faith with the fact that the tall whites are very similar to us?”

He mentions he will answer this question very simply. He mentions two tall whites that he calls the twins, who are brother and sister. He says that its so hard to tell which one is the female and which one is the male, but when they start walking it is obvious which one is the brother and which one is the sister. He provides an example when he was out on the range there and stumbled into them. They were near a bush and they were going to cross the road where he was. He said they were hiding there, and the brother stood up looking afraid of him, such as he thought Charles may harm his sister. ‘Like the brother was facing a Gorilla’.

Charles thought this would be an opportunity here. He decided to walk up to the bush and confront the sister. The brother refuses to fall back as he gets closer and the sister refuses to cross the road. He mentions they were not armed, but if he was, they would have fired on him. So Charles Hall kept coming towards the female. The female knew what he was thinking as she was reading his mind with her equipment. She stood up, took one step forward and he had to chicken out as he got closer.

He then mentions he thought he was looking at love, that he was looking at ‘Gods handy work’. They loved each other so much that they would die for each other. That has to be god. God is love.

At this stage his wife starts talking and mentions a few things. She says “If God could create me, why couldn’t he create them?”. She mentions that this is one of the reasons why she believes her husband, Charles Hall.

Question – “Are the tall whites still in contact with you?”

He says not that he believes. His wife starts talking about the first time Charles Hall did a talk, similar to this. She mentions at the beginning, a tall female, very pale with a wig, slipped into the back of the room when Charles started talking. Charles and his wife thought it was probably the ‘teacher’ which is a regular tall white that Charles mentions throughout his books. Charles told his wife that this is how they were. They would just come sometimes, stand and watch, would not say hello or goodbye.. and would just leave. So his wife thinks its possible that one was there during his first talk.

Question – “Are you being silenced, or have the Government tried to silence you?”

The tall whites had an agreement with the US Generals. Nothing that Charles ever did or said would ever be classified, that was the agreement. He explains that when you make an agreement with the tall whites, you make an agreement, word for word, as this is simply how serious the tall whites take an agreement. Charles provides an example of a situation he went through, where he made an agreement with a tall white and he did something different, and the tall white suddenly reacted in a surprised way because he wasn’t expecting it… because of what Charles told the tall white he was going to do. So an agreement is like it is set in stone with the tall whites, once it is made.

Question – I’m not sure what the question is as I missed it, but here is the answer.

He said that its not his intention to pressure the US Government into doing anything that it’s not ready to do. Charles Hall explains that in his books he tries to show how it really is, and how its much different than in the movies. He explained in a story of how some of the tall whites went to an actual nearby town, which I won’t get into detail on, but it goes to show how ‘real’ they are.

Question – “What was the agenda of the Tall Whites?”

Basically, the tall whites needed a base and the US Government wanted a technology transfer. The US Government would give them anything the tall whites wanted in exchange for technology.

Question – “Why are they here? What technology are they sharing with us?”

Back in 1965, they wouldn’t share their propulsion technology as they didn’t trust us. Charles Hall explains that he got closer to their propulsion system than any other human back then and he knew what he was looking at because of his background. There was a limit to the technology they would trade, back in 1965.

Question – The question is based around healing and if he talked to the Tall Whites about this.

Charles Hall explains that because he was not a medical person, he never interacted with them and because he wasn’t a doctor, they didn’t discuss that sort of thing with him. But he is aware of US medical people who did have dicussions with the Tall Whites.

Question – “Are the tall whites, greys and Norwegians interacting at all with each other”

They do not interact with each other. The tall whites and the greys are like enemies, Charles Hall says. He provided an example of how you go out in the jungle and the animals are all separate.

Question – The question is about fertilisation and abductions of people.

He mentioned he could talk for three or four hours on that answer. He mentions that the adult greys can’t breath our air, but their children can. Charles Hall says that one of the possibilities is that the Grey’s are trying to modify their biology so that they can solve this problem with breathing air on Earth. He mentions they have been here ‘since the ice age’. Note that this information didn’t come to him directly through interacting with them, it came from someone he talked to who was an editor of a popular UFO magazine back in the 60’s.

Question – “What is the reason the Tall Whites are here?”

They need a base here because of planet hopping. They need to be able to re-supply their crafts and so on when travelling. Some of them come here because they want to live here, such as with the greys, as their planet is not as hospitable.

Question – “Does Charles interact with them any more?”

No, back in 1968 was the last time he did.

Question – “Do they have money, how do they function in their World?”

You have to exchange wealth and not money. One example is children s clothes and mentions that the US Airforce bought $685,000.00 worth of Children’s clothes for trading purposes with the Tall Whites. (I’m not sure if that was the actual cost, or an example of a number)

Question – “Do they eat meat?”

The tall whites are plant eaters. They don’t wear animal skins or eat animal products. The greys are the same. For example not one of the Children clothes was made of wool.


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