Posted by: AngelicView | May 19, 2013

Bentinho: Be Confident in Your Worthiness


Question: “I see dead people, energies and past lives and I want validation from others so I can feel more connected to humans.”

AngelicView: Okay, so every one of us might not have that exact problem as that lady above, but I think a lot of us can relate to the premise behind this video. How many of us have said that we feel as though we don’t belong here, that this world is hard, and that we feel unworthy to be close to other humans because we’re different (for example: having intuitive abilities of any kind)? This is the kind of problem that Bentinho is discussing here.

Video Description: 

Q: I see dead people, energies and past lives and I want validation from others so I can feel more connected to humans.

Bentinho leads the questioner through an in-depth examination of core beliefs such as “I don’t belong here” and “I’m not worthy enough to simply validate myself.”
After insistent prodding by Bentinho, the questioner experiences a breakthrough towards the end. Quite exhilarating!

A break down of some of the contents of this in-depth dialogue:

* Once we have begun to integrate these teachings into our lives and seen the benefits — how do we share our realisations with other people?

* Is it helpful to use other people in order to trigger higher resonance in our self and is it important that other people stay in a place that resonates with us?

* Why do we allow ourselves to think in a way that lowers our vibrational frequency and is there a process for eliminating self doubt based on beliefs of unworthiness?

* If we manage to resonate at a higher frequency through accessing another dimension/realty and this creates a negative feeling towards the human experience and a feeling of loneliness — how do we stay in the higher frequency?

* Is it possible to stay in our own truth and maintain a high vibrational resonance even if we feel others are judging us — is it them or are we actually judging ourselves?


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