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Ascension 2014 with Tolec


***Updated 5/21/13***

AngelicView: As promised, here is the You Tube version of the Tolec interview, for those who prefer to listen that way. It just came out. Also, I have transcribed a short piece of this interview. In addition, see my summary below.


“There will be an initial major earth change event. When I say “major”, I mean major compared to any of the ones that we’ve had to date. It will be a game-changer for this planet. This first event will trigger many other earth changers to follow. A ripple effect or cascade effect where one event causes these others to happen. These events on different continents across the globe – from an emergency management will go far beyond taxing the established governmental authorities abilities to manage the thing. They’re simply not going to be able to handle the massive extent of all of the earth changes.”
Then he goes on to say that during the chaos and confusion, that is the time that there will most likely be a reptillian presence – space ships. So don’t trust them all. He also says that it won’t last long at all because that’s also when the Andromeda ships will come in and “clean up the mess” (I think meaning, take care of the rest of the reptillians). 
Unfortunately, embedding is disabled for this video. Please click here to go to You Tube to watch it. Thanks 🙂

AngelicView: I haven’t listened to this yet, but I know a lot of my readers are going to want to listen so here it is!

Just so you know, I don’t know Tolec and I can’t vouch for what he says. It’s just yet another person’s perspective to take into consideration.

This video is not up on You Tube yet, but this link will take you to Truth Frequency radio so you can click and listen there. I’ll put up the video as soon as it hits You Tube.

AngelicView: Okay, I have listened. Tolec says that we are going to experience an Earth change event that is going to set off a chain of Earth change events. He says that it will be the most dangerous to live near the coasts of all nations. In addition, some landmasses will fall into the ocean and other landmasses will rise. He says that IF there is an alien false flag event, this would be the time it would happen. However, he says that there aren’t very many of those guys left on Earth – so it wouldn’t be a wide-spread thing. 

Tolec stated that the Andromeda Council Biospheres will be available in August or September at the earliest to transport people to another 3D planet if they want to continue their 3D experiences. Aside from that, if you are still present on Earth in January of 2014, you will become 4th density beings. But many people will die in the Earth changes and others will choose to be transported off-planet.

Part of the Earth changes will be a shifting of the poles. There will probably be a magnetic pole shift, he says, but also there will be a shifting of the physical poles in that the equator would run at a 90 degree angle from where it runs today. So, he says, if Arizona is near the west coast now, it will be on the south coast when the changes are finished.

Tolec says that the change to a 4th density world will happen in an instant, sometime in the month of January of 2014. But it will take some time for us to adjust to the new world with new skills and new technologies. He says that we are destined for the 5th density, but that change will happen over a much longer period of time. 4th density, however, is a fine-matter chrystalline world and body.

Click Here to Listen.



  1. Maybe he is right like Clif, but have no fear. David Wilcock said that people who were ascending wouldn’t be experiencing the physical pole shift & Earth changes. Let’s hope for the best outcome! 🙂

  2. Thanks Shannon =)

  3. Comment by Natiri:

    You did an excellent job of encapsulating this 2-hour interview into the above summary.

    I personally found the interview to be very disappointing. Every point that was discussed was already on Tolec’s web site. For someone who purportedly “spends hours” talking to the Andromedans aboard their biosphere each week, Tolec offered an astonishing lack of detail in this interview. Any attempt to gain more detail during this interview via the chat room was artfully dodged by Tolec, including the fact that his predictions have already well passed their due date.

    Again, everything discussed in this interview was already on Tolec’s website or previous interviews. Tolec kept touting the same New Age recommendations that can be found on dozens of other web sites such as “find peace within yourself however you can, go out into nature, quit your boring job, find a new fulfilling job in the country, and somehow figure out how to pay your bills in this Cabal empire.” If you are just waking up, or this is the first time you are listening to Tolec, you may find this 2-hour interview interesting. If you have carefully followed Tolec’s web site and previous interviews, and have been awake for years, this interview offers nothing new, and is a waste of time.

    Furthermore, the interviewer kept interrupting Tolec with inane and annoying comments and questions . . . a perfect example of someone just waking up and very unfamiliar with Tolec’s previous interviews and web site. Why Tolec chose him for this interview will forever remain a mystery . . . A very disappointing waste of two hours.

    • Hi Natiri! I have to admit, what you say here is the truth in that there really wasn’t anything new. Perhaps there was nothing new to report. Who knows?

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  6. Being in the middle of February 2014 it feels like there is a breaking point that has been breached where the darker baser undercurrent has abruptly subsided and a new more positive reality is taking a foot hold Ali bet in baby steps.

    Obviously we hope for a geologically and environmentally stable planet with a soft transition time into the forth dimension. If planetary engineering is anything like it should be the transition should be almost painless.

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