Posted by: AngelicView | May 15, 2013

Ron Van Dyke: Scapegoats

By Ron Van Dyke


Today it is the Muslims
In yesteryear, the Jew
Tomorrow, perhaps Christians
Scapegoating is not new
Humans have a propensity
To blame what we can see
Not take responsibility
No wonder we’re not free
Always looking out there
At the problems that we face
Yet the problems are a mirror
Provided by God’s grace
Everything within us
That we refuse to own
Is projected to the outside
Yet it is ours alone

There was a time when Muslims

Honored people of the book
Before the great Crusades
Forced another look
‘Twas in the name of Christ
That the enmity was made
Carried to this very day
In the world now displayed
Christians fighting Christians
In Ireland for years
Our history of religion
Is fraught with pain and tears
My God is superior
Yours we call the devil
Polarization rampant
The playing field’s not level

The ego disconnected
From the Nature of the All
Produces our delusion
In the matrix of the fall
Separated souls
Connections not yet seen
Veiling minds and hearts
And everything between
Millennia of bloodshed
Vengeance’s reward
Ignorance’s dilemma
Violence is outpoured
Insanity and madness
Even the children cry
From the heart of every human
Is the biggest question: why?

How long will we miss it?
At what time will we see?
Everything that’s out there
Is another part of me
Underlying everything
Is the Creator’s plan to know
The height, depth, breadth, width
Of everything below
Of what am I capable?
How much can I create?
Did God know the answer?
Did She know our fate?
Did He write the destiny
Before the world began?
Was the separation
Just a Divine plan?

Questions, many questions
For wisdom, we cry out
Will we know the answers
And know beyond a doubt?
I believe the answer’s yes
Many are now knowing
Many now can see
And many souls are growing
A time of reawakening
Remembering it all
Peering into eternity
Long before the fall
The puzzle comes together
The mystery is solved
From the lie of separation
This horror world evolved

Islam’s goal is peace
For Christians, it’s the same
Buddhists end all suffering
And Jews, they light the flame
Hindus accept everything
And pagans love the earth
Mankind has been promised
A spiritual rebirth
Native tribes and cultures
Their message, we now hear
Everything is part of us
There’s nothing we must fear
Angels are descending
Nature’s spirits speak
Everything around us
Is bringing what we seek

The year of Jubilee
With all debts forgiven
All the slaves set free
A whole new way of livin’
A renaissance of beauty
Our passions now unleash
Creative force abounding
A thousand years of peace
Glorious celebrations
Dancing in the streets
Mirth and music everywhere
And no one still competes
Namaste, the greeting
I see that you’re Divine
I share my gifts with everyone
And others’ gifts are mine

The prophets of all ages
The sages and the seers
From all the great religions
Foretold to us these years
This time we call ascension
When all vibrations rise
And every tear is wiped away
Truth overcomes the lies
Where all will share the bounty
God’s glory fills the earth
And every soul will recognize
Everybody’s worth
Love and wisdom flourish
As greed gives way to care
And every heart that ever prayed
Receives their answered prayer

No more will we use scapegoats
To place or shift the blame
As everyone remembers
Their own eternal name
Each child of God fulfilled
Each soul has been restored
Each broken heart is mended
Gone … all that we abhorred
We will not blame the Muslim
The Christian or the Jew
In fact, we won’t blame anyone
As we make the world brand-new
This age of understanding
Stands ready at our door
Awaiting our acceptance
Of this … and so much more



  1. Really marvellous thank you

  2. I’ve been following Ron almost daily for 1,5 years now. He has a big heart. 🙂

    • I have, too! I listen to him talk while I do my hair every day. 🙂

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