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U.S. Government Source Confirms a Series of Earth Changes Ahead

By Laron at

US Government source confirms a series of earth changes, AKA a ‘Global Coastal Event’

A person contacted me recently with information that has said to have been shared up to a US Presidential Government level, which validates a series of events similar to the Global Coastal Event as predicted by and labelled by Clif High via the webbot.

This information would also relate to Courtney Brown’s climate change remote viewing study at the Farsight Institute, as well as other sources out there reporting similar events, some from different angles such as the ‘new age’ angle like Dolores Cannon and David Wilcock, for example. (AngelicView: And QHHT regressive hypnosis sessions and Tolec).

Psychic Medium Jessica Caracciolo also has an outstanding California Earthquake and series of earth change events prediction, that she recently gave an update on relating to ‘spirit ships‘ showing up on most coastal regions around the world.

Back in April, 2011, before I knew about any of the above sources, I had stumbled into a few things in my travels from investigating all theories around the ‘2012’ phenomenon and posted an entry on my blog here that I labelled ‘The Pacific Prediction‘. It was an event I thought was only going to occur in the Pacific, but it would affect all countries around the Pacific. At that time I wasn’t really sure when it would occur. When combining the above sources with what I knew back then, it definitely seems to be more Global.

The person that contacted me has a position high up in an organisation in America and their source is within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). I will call the person that contacted me as ‘R’ for the remainder of this entry.

Because of the function of this organisation, the actual position of R within this organisation (as in its a very key position), the nature of the connection/relationship between R and their source in DHS, and from my own personal analysis of the information which has been sent to me thus far from R, I believe this to most likely be genuine.

I could say a bit more about why I think its genuine, but by doing so I would possibly endanger the sources of this information.

I believe R is being very open about their identity to me, and this information, because they personally think this is authentic, and that we should be warning people about this upcoming event. If these earth changing events occur, this post here is not going to be relevant any longer after that, and no one at a US Government level would care anyway, which is another reason why I think the timing of this information coming to me adds towards its authenticity.

The DHS source said that an upcoming solar event on the sun, which may move the sun back to its ‘next star phase’ is going to be related to the trigger event of the earth changes at that period in time. The reason the sun is going to have this strange activity is because of a ‘pulsar wave’, the DHS source said.

This matches up with my own personal theory on the trigger aspects behind all of this. I believe this relates directly to Paul LaViolette galactic stellar wave / gamma ray burst theory which in essence has caused catastrophic earth change related events on the Earth throughout its history. Paul LaViolette’s book ‘Earth Under Fire’ discusses this in detail.

R mentioned that the DHS source would not confirm if this pulsar wave (gamma ray burst) has already happened, or if it is still to come. Also, there is a problem with the timing. R couldn’t get a specific date from the DHS source, but from what the source said, the event would definitely be in 2013. I think we can all understand the time frame for this, based upon such time frames showing from the webbot and the climate change remote viewing studies. That being around the 18-22nd of this Month.

I will add some additional information that I was told. The DHS contact is aware of regular briefings on worldly events, which are accessible by the US President. Part of the information within these ‘briefings’ is provided by ‘entities’. What I am saying here is that it seems that an ET species is in regular direct contact with the US Government on that level and provides them with certain information. This actually makes sense to me and may more so to you now, the reader, as we have these disclosure hearings coming out now, which is obviously showing that there are other intelligent life forms out there, other than just humans.

This may also answer the question of why Governments are acting strangely leading up to this point in time, such as the seed vault in Norway, the empty Chinese cities, the many underground bunkers that have been built in the US and the list goes on. They probably are aware of what is coming…

That’s all I have for you at this time. For me, this is just another source of information coming in which adds validation to what some of us are expecting may occur this month. But this source certainly seems more real to me than a few others ones I have ran into. Just like with anything in life, we need to have an open mind. I can’t see this being some ploy of disinformation, if you were wondering.



  1. It’s a pity that many things such as disclosure and the revealing of our true history has not occurred before this time and it will be a shame should the tremendous Earth changes take place during this period. Unfortunately we are well overdue even now for the effects of the cosmic turbulence to manifest . Tremendous efforts by knowing spirits here and elsewhere have been undertaken to buy some time and configure a new reality. It maybe that the worse effects have been mitigated. We will have to wait and see.
    It is not the actual dying during these events that matter it is the overall change in the human condition for the better. Our actual spirits are invulnerable but it would be good to fulfil the plan that the creator has in mind.

    • Yes, Yes, and Yes! My thoughts exactly. I love it when you speak my mind 🙂

  2. I agree Frank it would indeed be a shame to see this come to pass but we have had many events like these predicted come and go with out cause though March was said to be a huge month for us and one of cleansing not surprise that disclosure happen in such a way so soon though I still see motive in disclosure and hope this was not part of another set up with out expressing fully what I have thought for some time. I guess if we are cleaning humanity and the earth this would however be another positive manifestation of this and the mess is on the coast lines where the cities lies so who knows guess better enjoy the last few weeks as I am only 500 meters form the oceans shores. 🙂 God bless and keep all in his care.

    • Yes, true analivo. I certainly wish you the best if this does come to pass. The most interesting thing about this particular series of events is that so many different people and groups have confirmed it. It makes me think it’s a good possibility.

  3. Is it bad to like my own post? =)

    • Not at all. You know what is funny? I was just reading Kauilapele’s post on his ongoing urges to move to the mainland (away from Hawaii) when I saw the “like” come in. My thought was, “That’s Laron”. Strange? lol

      • Haha 😛

  4. You just can’t make this stuff up. Have you heard about this?

    More info and note the date at the end:

    NUMBER: 14526
    SUBJECT: GRB 130427A: Predictions about the occurrence of a supernova
    DATE: 13/05/02 09:15:09 GMT
    FROM: Remo Rufinni at ICRA

    R. Ruffini, C.L. Bianco, M. Enderli, M. Muccino, A.V. Penacchioni, G.B. Pisani, J.A. Rueda, N. Sahakyan, Y. Wang, L. Izzo report:

    The late x ray observations of GRB 130427A by Swift-XRT clearly evidence a pattern typical of a family of GRBs associated to supernova (SN) following the Induce Gravitational Collapse (IGC) paradigm (Rueda & Ruffini 2012; Pisani et al. 2013). We assume that the luminosity of the possible SN associated to GRB 130427A would be the one of 1998bw, as found in the IGC sample described in Pisani et al. 2013. Assuming the intergalactic absorption in the I-band (which corresponds to the R-band rest-frame) and the intrinsic one, assuming a Milky Way type for the host galaxy, we obtain a magnitude expected for the peak of the SN of I = 22 – 23 occurring 13-15 days after the GRB trigger, namely between the 10th and the 12th of May 2013.

    Further optical and radio observations are encouraged.”

    • It was observed on the 27th of April. If the distance is now reported at 3.6 billion light years. So it occurred 3.6 billion years ago. Wow! No wonder we came here now 🙂

      • Yes! I was just thinking that, too!

    • How exciting! I hope something massively good comes out of this 🙂

      • Maybe it will cure my gas…


        Note: “There is also a significant increase in luminosity, reaching an absolute magnitude of −19.3 (or 5 billion times brighter than the Sun), with little variation”

        This one is stated to be higher than the maximum above. This is expecting to be 22 – 23.

  5. Read this if you want to know about “…move the sun back to its ‘next star phase'”

    Read the section titled “Stellar Evolution is Backwards!”

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