Posted by: AngelicView | May 8, 2013

People Were Lined Up to Come Here at this Time


AngelicView: This wonderful NDE share came to us from an AngelicView reader. He talks about his experience and says that his death was not meant to happen at that time, but he could return to his body if he wanted to and finish out this life plan. He was given a choice of two other bodies that were available for him – but they were “extras” rather than “actors” in the upliftment of Gaia. A very interesting viewpoint on the Times we are in right now.

I was hit by a car on the last day of 1st grade, I remember sliding under the car and seeing all of the Under the car stuff (I Was 6 after all) and I was hit and everything went dark. I remember being above the car, looking down as the guy pulled me out from underneath it, my head was rolling loosely, so I knew that I had a broken neck and was therefore ‘Dead’ and so I turned to GO.

I was stopped and held in FULL Warmth of LOVE and LIGHT and was told, by a very gentle voice, that I COULD Go now, with no ‘penalty’ that this accident was not supposed to happen, and so I had a choice, I could GO and be reincarnated in my choice of 2 other bodies/lives, which I saw what they would generally be like, and the parents I would be born to. I now know would have been in Cambodia and the other in Coastal Pakistan. The only real problem is that because of the quick change of bodies, I would not be able to live out the life and goals that I had planned for this time around, and the Changing of the World that would happen in my lifetime. OR, I Could stay with this body, that it was not completely ‘dead’ yet, and could be repaired, to an extent. I would have to accept the fact that due to this accident, which was partly my fault, that I would be in great pain ALL my life, but that I would still be able to complete my Life Contract, even though it would have to be changed somewhat, But I would be able to complete all my ‘lessons’ and be able to do my part in this Uplift.

I remember thinking, with adult like clarity (I was 6 at the time, so this felt very different to me) and thought about my parents and how my dying would impact them and Their life plans, I thought about all the things that we are now experiencing and the people that I would be working with now and all the things that are happening now, and made the conscious decision to come back. I found myself immediately in the center of a ring of people crowding around me, and the ambulance was screaming up. I remember a final message that I got from the Angel that held me and that was that since I HAD made the choice to come back, despite what would be very real and very hard pain all my life, “That the rewards for staying here, with this life, despite all of the pain and very hard troubles, that my life and the outcome would end up being well more than worth it and would make up for the pain and extra trouble in the end.”

So, yes, I had a NDE, at 6 yrs old, well before I had any idea what it meant to Wake Up or any of that, but, I learned VERY fast, because I was, indeed, from that point on, very much Awake and Aware of what was going on in the World about me and embarked on this long and wonderful story of a life. Yes, it has been very hard, I presently live in constant pain, on time release morphine for pain, 90 mg/day plus hydrocodone for breakthru pain days. I am barely able to get up and get to the computer most days. There have been particularly bad times where I thought of Opting Out, but I KNOW that I could never do that, not unless the body was in near complete failure or I somehow get cancer of the brain, but suicide is Not for me otherwise. I have had bad days where I sometimes wonder why I am still here, BUT, all I have to do is remember that NDE and I dont worry, I have a good idea of what is happening with these changes and am very happy to be here, doing my part as a LightWorker for The People and Mother Gaia Herself.

AngelicView: The rest is his answer to my questions for him:

Most of what I know about The Shift is that it is a very high energetic happening, it has been ‘planned’ for a very long time, and part of me being here, and in fact why I was offered the other life/body choices is so that I could at the very least ‘Be Here’ when it happens, but that with this life I have more of the ability to participate in what is happening, partly due to the better info/computer set ups here in the US and for this life/body.

I can sort of see some of the things, but a lot of it is still going to be a surprise, they say that there really is not any other way to do it, but that the surprise and wonderment of that moment will be massive.  I have just always Known that there would be a massive shift, and at times I have thought it would never get here, and then I started seeing very definite signs that the Dark was cracking, falling apart, no longer able to seamlessly use and abuse us here, that more and more people are ‘waking up’ and seeing what is Really going on around them, an most Really Do Not Like what they See. 

So, we are seeing unprecedented changes happening.  And can expect to see a lot, a LOT, more, however, it is being done in such a way as to not panic the majority of the people, mostly in the Western World, most everybody else already accepts Aliens and Craft from the Sky as ancient cultural background and are not at all as surprised as folks who have bought into the Western World view.

Anyhow, my guides talk to me a bit, but are keeping a lot from me so as to make it a very pleasant surprise as well, but, I do feel that we are much, Much closer than we have been, that our long wait is very nearly over.  Beyond that, I don’t have a lot for ya that way.

From my NDE, and study I have done since then, with OOB (astral travel) and the like, Yeah, I was on ‘the other side’ but as ye know, the folks upstairs (or right next to us) have this way of wanting to not spoil the surprise for us, mostly because it is something that is a major privilege to go through.  As far as it being an event or us working through this next couple of years and finding ourselves on the other side of vast changes, I am not sure I was not let to know that.  But I DO know that being here has been a point of major numbers of souls, from a very wide range of places and even 50 years ago there were Major waiting lines to get in here so as to be here during these times.  I would have had to settle for an ‘extra’ position rather than an ‘actor’ position for my rebirth had I not kept going after the accident.

If you care to feature it, that is fine, it is something that is Meant to be spread, that is a tiny part of my job here, but an important one.

AngelicView: Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I know my readers here will really appreciate it 🙂




  1. Wow, very beautiful and uplifting.

    • My pleasure, Stefan 🙂

    • Thank You Stefan, it certainly has been interesting to live through!

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