Posted by: AngelicView | May 1, 2013

An Introduction to the Keys of Enoch

**The author of this article is at the Disclosure Hearings**

An Introduction to the Keys of Enoch

J. J. Hurtak (1973)

“While I was in the act of prayer calling upon the name of the Father, asking to know the meaning of life and for what reason I was called into the world, my room suddenly became full of a different type of light. And in the presence of this ‘Light’ a great Being BrassKeystood before me who announced that he was Master Ophanim Enoch.”

“The being asked if I were ready to go with him to the Father’s midst, and I said I was.”

So begins J. J. Hurtak’s surreal experience, during which he was given the 64 Keys of Enoch that explain how the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation will be broken (decoded).

The 64 Keys will help to “bring a new cosmology of consciousness in explaining how the Brotherhoods of Light will work with members of the human race who can accept the promise of a new life.”

Below are some excerpts from this book, which point to the coming changes that will affect every one on this planet.

“There is presently occurring a space-time overlap with the ‘Higher Evolution’ as the Earth’s solar system enters an electromagnetic null zone, a vacuum area in space which will change the magnetic forces of creation.”

“The change of the electromagnetic density in the Earth’s atmosphere will activate some species to become more violent and other species to more Christ-like as man is pulled either into an upward spiral of Light or negated by the breakdown of the old electromagnetic frequency.

This will bring about a complete reorganization of the Earth’s life system…”

“Before the new story of creation happens, the Earth will go through gross geo-magnetic and catastrophic changes as the magnetic regions of the North and South Pole release ‘their torque,’ spinning the shell (crustal surface) of the Earth into the new program of existence.”

“For behold, the field is white and ready for harvest… the Creator of this local ‘galactic universe’ will gather the remaining righteous on this Earth who will be ‘graduated’ to go on to Light-Life worlds.”

AngelicView: To read the remainder of this article, please click here to visit the lovely website that I borrowed it from. It will open in a separate window. Thank you! 🙂


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