Posted by: AngelicView | April 19, 2013

‘Timeline Jumping’ for Health and Protection

AngelicView: I have a special story to share with you tonight, from my Facebook friend, Joan. These are a couple of examples of her experiences that I think we can all learn from. This is what we’re all going to be doing soon.

Incidentally, I have felt lately that my guides also want me to stretch my etheric legs and do more healing on my own body. So Joan, you’re not alone! 🙂

…on my way to work on Monday I was behind a small white car at a safe following distance, when suddenly, for a split second I “saw” myself, somewhere else on the timeline, slamming on the brakes within inches of this car’s bumper with the strong feeling that I was going to hit the car…then, I was back in the normal driving state again with lots of distance between the two cars…

…taking this as a warning, I was extremely careful whenever this car got in front of me…with this car directly ahead of me, an eighteen-wheeler pulled out of a construction area going right over the curb onto the street, and instead of moving into the left lane the white car just stopped right in the middle of the road so as not to hit the truck…because I remote viewed this potential accident I swerved over into the left lane instantly instead of slamming on the brakes, just missing the white car…

…when thinking about this today I was wondering about the nature of this “save” (beside the fact that it involved a special blessing)…it occurred to me that remote viewing is actually the re-winding of Time.  Time wound forward so I could see the potential accident timeline, then Time returning to the present…

…another dramatic example of this “time-winding” happened a while back when I had an extremely painful toothache due to an impending root-canal…I decided I was going to heal my own tooth (which I’ve done before but not with a situation as extreme as this)…I kept on picturing the tooth and root as entirely well and would NOT entertain any other thought….

…after a couple hours of this, an angel-friend ‘came in’ who moved time backward (as far as the tooth was concerned)…he showed me that he moved time inside the tooth back far enough so that I was in the beginning stages of the problem to give me a chance to heal the tooth myself…notice that I wasn’t just given a healing; I still had to do it myself but my absolute determination to heal this tooth attracted the attention of this angelic visitor…it seemed to me that this angel-being was just barely on the other side of the ‘veil’…

…he also said that he removed the toxins that had built up in the root due to the infection so I had a cleaner slate to work from, and most importantly he showed me why this problem occurred in the first place so I could avoid recurrences in the future…

…with affirmations plus the use of several natural remedies and putting myself on a powerful prayer-list, within a month or so I turned that whole situation around and the tooth is fine…these are two positive examples from my own life involving ‘timeline jumping’…

…we are surrounded by so much protection and so much light…just believe and affirm with ALL your heart and it will be so !! ♥

~ J



  1. ♥…here’s what I added as a comment when I put this on Facebook…
    “……my guides and angel-friends used to come in and do healings for me often, but this last year they have been asking me to heal myself; when this first started to happen I was quite taken aback and felt a little helpless, but they gave me advice and I started getting better at it…sometimes the advice came as an actual dissertation and other times it was just a sense of “you can do it”. When my cat had a big problem I was told to heal her and was given instruction on how to do that, and I did…although these higher beings have stepped back so I can learn something new, I always feel them all around me like hovering proud parents, ready to catch me if I stumble…I have eternal gratitude to my guides, my angel-friends and the wisdom of my Higher Self…” ~ Joan

    • Wonderful! Thank you for adding that, Joan 🙂

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