Posted by: AngelicView | April 16, 2013

Making Love With The Absolute


AngelicView: Wow, everyone! I am really resonating with the teachings of this newly-arising teacher! Please allow me to share his most recent videos with you – I think you might Love them, too.

“You cannot always know how things are meant to unfold in your best interest, but they always do, even when things seem bleak. What you can know however, is that it is perfectly safe and helpful to relax all attachment to outcome, and instead invest that energy in choosing your preferred state of being. 

“Don’t mind the circumstances, they are not in your control. Mind only your state of being, for that is your only job.” ~Bentinho Massaro

Part 1 ↓

Part 2 ↓

Extra Bonus Mind-Blower ↓


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