Posted by: AngelicView | April 12, 2013

Drunvalo Interview Parts 2 and 3

AngelicView: This is the follow-up (just posted by Lilou Mace) to Part 1 of the Beautiful2Drunvalo interview, “The Untold Positive Side of the Mayan Prophecies“.

Just so all readers understand, Drunvalo (like all other spiritual teachers) is presenting his viewpoint on what might happen with humanity in the next – well, anywhere from now to three years from now.

I don’t subscribe to any particular opinion. I want change. And in my opinion, any way that change has to come is what I am all for! Because it’s all good. All of it. Whatever happens will be the perfect thing that needs to happen. And that’s my opinion.

Now, on to the videos.

In the first one (which is Part 2), Drunvalo talks about the Plasma Beings that he has mentioned before in previous videos. He says that he has had further “talks” with them. He gives us a brief explanation of who they are and why they went underground. He says that we may be seeing them in the near future and that we should not fear them at all, because they are very loving and kind and want to help us with our ascension. It is titled, “Plasma Beings are Showing Us Ascension”.


The second one is titled, “Making the Internal Change Affecting the Entire Universe”.

I took a few notes on this one.

  • He says that there will be outward signs that ascension is very near. One will be that the sun shuts down all computers. He says we don’t need them. The second sign will be a magnetic pole shift that will affect human consciousness. He then suggests two videos for us to watch that explain how the magnetics of Earth affect human consciousness.
  • He talks about “Earthing”. I am debating about doing a post on Earthing, but basically it’s just exposing our skin to the Earth – like walking barefoot, for example. (Being a Neonatal Nurse, I know about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact between a mother and newborn baby. The mother’s and baby’s vital signs tend to improve and over-all feeling of well-being or happiness/positivity can be seen.)
  • He says that he knows for sure that it will be no more than three years – max.
  • He then talks about his classes that teach how to “get into” that tiny space inside your heart, and there’s a vortex there. (I had been thinking that he charges an exorbitant amount of money for these classes. However, he says that he doesn’t make a penny from them – he actually loses money, he says.)
  • He says that the unawakened will be in the midst of change and won’t know what happened. But, he says, that’s okay. They’ll be fine because there are so many celestial beings helping each and every one of us out in this process.


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