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Earth Ascension – by Our Friend, “Sue”


AngelicView: This is from 2012: What’s the Real Truth blog. It starts out with a brief history on the fall of consciousness, then briefly goes into the process of ascending back up. What comes next was the most interesting part to me and that was the description of what was supposed to happen with ascension of humanity and what actually did happen and why. (Interesting, in that I already ‘knew’ all this, and she was confirming what I knew.) She concludes with what the ascension plan is now.

In my article titled, “Getting Close?“, I very gently suggested that there is something bad coming our way. I was (and maybe still ‘am’) a bit confused because my inner-self told me that we were supposed to have already ascended before the destructive timeline began. Bad things are due to come this way by about mid to late May. There’s not much time left. Okay, so not trying to be fear-mongering here! I have no fear – of anything. Well, Sue mentions this “imminent” 3D/4D split before the destructive timeline begins. So that was one synchronicity for me.

So if this subject interests you, read on. 🙂

The Deactivation and Reactivation of the Earth Chrystalline Grid and the Earth Ascension – by our friend, ‘Sue’

Thanks, Sue, for sharing ‘your’ story’. I hope it provides lots of food for thought and discussion. . . 


Before the fall, people living on Earth were very advanced, both inwardly and outwardly.  They had advanced outward technology that supported their inward technology.  The Earth crystalline grid was online back then.  It provided outer technology that worked with people’s spiritual connection to the Earth and to higher realms.  The grid included many huge crystals and crystal beds located around the globe.  It also included another satellite, other than our moon, which was one big crystal satellite.

Yes, it was 3D duality back then too, but without the “good / evil” control components that led to intense separation from spirit.  It might be what some call the Garden of Eden or Paradise.

There were perhaps many races, as in space species / races here along with more “indigenous” Earth human races.

Life was very good.  People were so used to everything being love and light that they were a bit overly trusting, not being used to anyone having nefarious intents.  So, they didn’t look out for themselves too well and the cabal started to take over.  This took time.  It did not happen overnight.  It may have been thousands of years in the making.  There was a war at the end.

But perhaps the “fall” could be considered to have happened when the Earth crystalline grid was taken offline.  The priest / scientist types, perhaps some might call them the Elohim, were aware that this take over was happening, that people were being tampered with genetically and being dumbed down and enslaved.  When it got to a critical point the priest / scientists deactivated the crystalline grid so that the cabal could not use it for their wicked purposes.  Some big crystals were actually removed completely from the Earth sphere and taken for safe keeping to ET worlds.  Some others were left here in place, but were deactivated.

For any of you who are unfamilar with this story, Tyberonn’s channelings of Arch Angel Metatron will give you all the details about this kind of thing.  I don’t know that Tyberonn’s own website actually contains all of his channelings, but a web search will help you find where others have reposted his work.  I know spirit library is one place that has his messages.

For perhaps a pre-history to that period of time, to see events building up to the fall, check into Michael Tsarion’s work.  Michael talks about more modern information about the cabal, similar to David Icke’s information, but he also has much info about ancient history.

As with anything, take what all these sources say, myself included, and run it past your own inner guidance and check for resonance.  Some of these other sources resonate with me but not in total.  Perhaps if this piques your interest, as you look up significant information from these sources, you could post links in comments to share with others.  I am pulling all of this out of my pea brain from memory.

So, as the fall was happening, the priest / scientists knew that Earth humans faced a dark future and would essentially be trapped here.  Earth was quarantined and no one allowed to leave for concern of contaminating other worlds with the dark energy of this new “experiment” that yes indeed had very mundane level components and yet that we, at a higher level, and Prime Creator, originally intended.  So, the priest / scientists set up a new blueprint that would allow people to escape the matrix, if you will.  And that blueprint had to do with archetypal information and sacred symbology that would be used to trigger awakenings in people and the blueprint also included the Initiate / Initiation Rites of the ascension process.  There have been many individual ascensions over time.  The Christian word might be resurrection.  And these occurrences might be what William Henry calls “Stargate Events.”

Now the Initiation Rites were at one time taught by “mystery schools.”  Symbolic initiations were performed to trigger awakenings in people.  But that blueprint is in the world at large.  Life itself will deliver the initiatory rites to you.  Astrology and such divination tools as Tarot and the archetypal information involved with both of those can help you understand the messages that Life and the Divine are sending you through your life experiences / initiations.

So, people were left with a way out, but it’s been a tough haul.  With the old crystalline grid deactivated, the cabal had basically set up a new “grid” but it was mostly just through their control of humans and was essentially an energy grid, but did not have crystals involved.  Being a different frequency than the old crystalline grid, that control grid had a different geometric shape and hence different “sacred geometry”.

So, skipping forward, in these current times, we have reactivated the Earth crystalline grid, most especially over the last 12 years and especially on the triple dates – 1/1/1, 2/2/2… Some key people / organizations involved with this have been Shelley Yates and her Fire the Grid project.  Children of the Sun I know have been key in this.  Perhaps you are aware of others that you could share with us.

I know the Fire the Grid project caught the attention of millions of people worldwide.  But over the triple dates, Earth kept moving forward, onward, upward, but many light workers plateaued.  They got to a certain place and stopped in their progression.  And the general masses of people that the light workers were attempting to awaken were even more stuck.

The original ascension plan was that most would ascend with 5D Earth and others would stay behind in 3D.  About 25% of people incarnate are young souls who actually came for the extended, future 3D experience which would be very intense, a survivalist type experience.  But the other 75% actually came with the intention of ascending with Earth.  It was hoped that people would ascend in waves, that early forerunners would do a certain amount of work, then hand the torch off to those coming up behind.  Older people had to awaken while incarnate and lay a foundation for future generations.  Then the Indigo generation would come into the world with higher frequencies and were hoped to hit the ground running and build upon the foundation laid by older people.  I consider myself an Indigo adult, not having checked in with such energies, but having “earned” them while here.  Then the Crystalline generation came in with even higher energies and they would really be flying.

Unfortunately, not as many older people awakened and it trickled down.  And the cabal picked up the pace and threw even more disempowering control tactics at people such as vaccinations, Ritalin and antidepressants and more intense dumbing down and programming in the education system, media propaganda, etc.  The younger people came into the world different and the cabal managed to get many older people thinking that there was something “wrong” with their children and forced them on drugs.

So, by 2007, we took a look around and knew there were still not significant numbers awakening, even though many intense Earth changes and alarm clock events like 9/11 and others had occurred.  On a higher level, we decided to give it 2 more years.  Toward the end of 2009, it was still not looking good, but we were on a time schedule, coordinating our Earth ascension with celestial alignments and with the Universal Ascension, as we were not the only ones ascending in these times.

So instead of having generations setting things up for the next and having those younger really going to town, and then having ascension happen in waves instead, we ended up with a very individual oriented ascension team, if you will: people of all ages, whoever was far enough along to do this intense energy work.

2010 would be the kick-off of very transformative energies.  Anyone into astrology may recall the Grand Crosses of 2010.  If we were going to get Earth ascended, which she requested, which is why we all showed up here, to help her… then those of us who were ready to move into our ascension process had to move forward so we could assist Earth with her ascension.

For myself, my own intense part of my ascension process happened over many months in 2010.  It was grueling.  It also may have included a bit of clearing for the Earth also.  I’d done healing work for many years prior, which included clearing / release and a few upgrades over the years, but 2010 was more of the same but rapid fire.  Over the years, when I’d gone through clearing and upgrade cycles, I’d kinda lose my ability to “hear” the Divine as I adjusted to the new frequencies.  But the pace of 2010 was just nuts.  I’d not get time to recover and be able to “hear” again before the next cycle started.  I was chained to Tarot and my dowsing rod and back to watching for synchronistic information for Divine guidance rather than the inner dialog I’d developed over the years.

During clearing you clear out all ego issues, fears, disempowering programs.  I’ve never been a very fearful person in this lifetime, but my God, your inner nooks and crannies feel like they’ve been scraped out with a scalpel.  You feel very “raw.”  And my sensitivities to energies had increased over the years but 2010 was off the charts.  I’d never been much of one to put energetic protection around me as I would use the sensitivities to better judge / discern my surroundings and it kept me away from trouble and bad energy.  But, even though many in the collective may not have been aware of the transformative energies of 2010, they were certainly affected by it and it was stirring up all kinds of fears in people.  I would wake up every day and just be terror struck.  And being one not used to being fearful, it was more than just a little unnerving.  One time before going to sleep, I asked the angels to put protection around me before I woke so I didn’t have to feel anyone else’s fears and issues and could better tell what I needed to work on myself.  MUCH better.  The next day was a drastic difference.

During the cycles one gets all manner of “ascension symptoms.”  It would certainly not serve one to be a hypochondriac while going through the ascension process.  You just have to know that all the aches and pains and discomforts are part of the process and not run off to the doctor and be prescribed medications that will mess with your ascension process.  And all the emotions rising to the surface are not you going completely bonkers, well, at least not permanently.   And it all comes and goes, it all passes, so you know you don’t have some chronic health issue.

Eating right and sleeping when you need to are imperative.  And yet, I’d get cravings for some junk food at times and it was best to listen to my body and give it what is was asking for.  I have drunk more coffee and eaten more pizza in the last 3 years than probably I have in all the years prior and yet that still doesn’t even approach what the average person consumes of such things.  I usually eat whole, organic food and there were sometimes, as groceries were running out, I’d go to a conventional supermarket and grab something from their deli and I often thought I’d have been better to not eat at all.  I’d feel the low quality of that fuel in no small way while doing so much energy work.  I often slept for 12 – 13 hours every day.  Some intense times it was more like 18 hours a day.  And when sleep needed to happen, it needed to happen NOW.  Drop everything.  Do I really need to tell you that I have not had a job this whole time?  There was no way I could have.  It was everything I could do to get myself something to eat most days.  Bathing hasn’t happened often, it’s too much of a chore.  Simple 3D things like trimming nails and getting one’s hair cut are just inconveniences that you really wish you didn’t have to do.  Going out for groceries has been a major adventure that I’ve had to psych myself up for.

I got a few months break in early 2011, a chance to get up off the couch and out taking long walks and getting some semblance of fitness back.  In mid-May of 2011, the Earth ascension work started in earnest.  My life hasn’t been anything approaching “normal” or conventional since then.  With every earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, etc. Mommy Earth released thousands of years of dross and we ascension forerunners transmuted it.  It was knock-down, drag-out energetic work.  And yet how kind she was in all of her release.  As structurally damaging and intense as many of these Earth change events have been, there have actually been relatively few deaths considering.  Mommy Earth and people’s Divine guidance did the best they could at keeping as many people as possible out of harm’s way.

So, by the 11/11/11, when the Earth’s crystalline grid was activated to 90-some %, the humans were lagging way behind.  By that time there were only 200,000 – 300,000 who were ready for ascension – out of 7 billion!  Well, ok, 75% of 7 billion, or 5.25 billion, who were the ones who came to ascend.  Not good.  And those following up behind were not close behind and not many at all.  So, at the 11/11/11, when it was hoped that the “first wave” would ascend and that our ascension would actually provide a big energetic light boost to those we left behind, it was decided it was just too risky to everyone else for us to leave them, having no one to hand the torch off to.  And it is very key to have a “ground crew”, people actually incarnate in human form, “inside the program” to do this channeling of energy to and fro.  The higher realms (HR) – higher dimensions and the Divine can only do so much from outside the program.  They do help but they need a ground crew to work with and through.

So, stay we did, as tired and weary as we were.  Our next task then was to assist the collective with our energy work as much as possible.  We were used as literal human antennae, in no small way.  Like the old line “many hands make light work”, well, we didn’t have many hands, we only had thousands of people doing what originally was hoped millions or billions of people would share in.  Ugh.  2012 was completely off the charts in the totally nuts and inhuman category.  Un-be-’frickin’-lievable.  I could say so much, but I’ll spare some details at this point.  Perhaps these are stories for another day.

Around February of 2012, it was decided that no matter how much light we flooded the collective with, they were not awakening fast enough and far enough to get their own ascension process complete by year’s end.  The plan presented was to create a 4D level Earth.  So, after assisting in creating 5D Earth, now we small band of ragtag, rode-hard-and-put-to-bed-wet ascension forerunners, now set about creating yet another level of Earth.  Double-plus Ugh!

I don’t know if many of you are aware of Georgi Stankov.  He and his group have been key in creating 4D and readying for the dimensional split.  I know many take issue with Georgi.  Well, that’s too bad.  Has he had some ego issues?  Yep, sure has, he’s having a human Earthly experience like the rest of us.  I’ve observed him clearing some of that since opening his website in mid-2011.  But many things he is accused of being egotistical about are really not his issue, but the ego issues of those pointing the finger.  Georgi is very intelligent and knowledgeable and self-realized.  He doesn’t play small.  Like Marianne Williamson’s quote about not playing small.  (See here:  Georgi acknowledges the powerful creator he is.  This doesn’t sit well with the ego issues in others who have been programmed / conditioned to think that someone stepping into their true potential somehow thinks they are better than others.  No they don’t.  He and others like him set a good example.

The (composite) character of Jesus also experienced this.  He set the example of what a soul can do while incarnate in human form and yet he was either despised or worshiped.  It bothered him that others did not see him as an example, a teacher but instead a “god”.  Well, he was a god, but so was everyone else and that’s what he was trying to show them.  “Have I not said ye are gods?!  You too shall do these and greater things.”

I can relate to the challenges of both Georgi and Jesus and all the many others who have had to face such challenges over time.  It’s like the line “If you’re one step ahead you’re a genius.  If you’re two steps ahead you’re a crackpot.”  I personally look forward to a time when so many others have caught up enough that they think of us crackpots as mere geniuses.  ;-)

But yes, Georgi’s site is most certainly worth more than just a casual visit.  And like with any other source of information, bring your discernment skills.  Take what works / resonates, leave the rest.  Don’t throw out Georgi’s insight “baby” with his ego “bathwater.”  He is always on point.  All ascension.  All the time.  Which I really respect him for.  If he reports on the World of Outer Effects, it is only as a marker of changes.

I don’t know if I can express enough to all of you, that if we didn’tget this planet ascended, she would be destroyed, at least busted down to a rather uninhabitable level.  Well, we ascension forerunners would not have that.  Do you really grasp just how long and how much effort by how many creators at so many levels it takes to get a planet to the level Earth is at now?!!  I’ll leave you to ponder that.  It would have been such a waste if she were not ascended.  On 12/12/12, Earth’s grid came fully online.  Not long after, her portals to higher realms were fully opened and not long after that were operating at full capacity.  And we forerunners say, “Thank God and Gaia for that.’  Imminently, there will be a dimensional split between 3D and 4D to secure 4D and her people away from the destructive 3D timeline.  We did not work this hard to help almost a billion people get themselves to 4D only to have it sink with 3D.  It is time for these very different frequencies to go their own way.  From all levels, people (souls) can still work on their ascension.  They can take what time they need and have as many “opportunities” delivered to them as need be.  We ascension forerunners and the Divine have also set up a new blueprint moving forward from here.  People at all levels have had new DNA downloads, which may not be activated for a while for some.  Check the Gaia Portal messages for some details on these kinds of things.


Tyberonn / Metatron

Michael Tsarion

William Henry

Shelley Yates / Fire the Grid

Children of the Sun

Georgi Stankov – Universal Law

… and too many others to remember.  Drunvalo I do believe put out info on some of this.  If anyone would like to provide links, please do.

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    • Thank you, Bob, for your opinion. But I must respectfully disagree with you.

      I am no stranger to spiritual concepts and the reality is that we all plan our lives out before we incarnate. It is a “blueprint” of sorts, that serves as a guide for us to accomplish our goals. Mother Earth is no different – as she is a live being with a life plan, just like us. She has goals, as well.

      And even though we do have a plan, that plan can be tweaked in order to serve our best interests with the least amount of upheaval. But our higher selves and our guides will allow whatever it takes to happen in order to accomplish the goals we have set out for ourselves.

  2. Hey Shannon,

    This was pretty good overall, I think. A lot of this material supports Hidden Hand, Revelations of an Elite Family Insider, Valiant, James of the WingMakers and Adamu.

    In my mind, those are the most credible sources on the web.

    Why anyone would defend Stankov, I have no idea. I have nothing against him and I’m sure he’s a personable fellow, but he’s made wild claims in the past that never materialized and I’m not convinced that he’s some sort of ascension “leader” who is paving the way for the rest of us.

    I don’t need a leader. Nobody does. Like you said, our higher selves will guide us and help us. Each of us is a sovereign soul of the universe. I don’t need Stankov’s soul telling me what to do.

    Being confident and humble at the same time is not difficult. He should try it. Sue’s fascination with him is…interesting. Wonder what might be going on there?

    The parts about us not being where we should be by now seem very true. It’s what I’ve been seeing in my visions, remember?

    I think you’re right, Shannon, about humanity getting a wake up call in the form of a catastrophe. We just don’t have the numbers we need to pull this off without a shock of some kind. All I have to do is look at my family to realize how deeply most of humanity is buried. They’re not even close to waking up. Not at all.

    The dark forces have done a spectacular job, wouldn’t you say? That’s why I gave a bow of respect to Hidden Hand in one of my blog posts. Those guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty! They’ve earned their freedom many times over.

    Sue’s tirade about medicating children as a cause of some problems is BS. It’s very convenient to blame the mental health community and the drugs they use for our world’s woes but it’s completely wrong.

    The problem lies in the rapidly increasing number of humans who suffer with brain disorders, NOT the drugs that are produced to help ease symptoms. And where might the blame lie for the vast numbers of people who now fight depression, schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, etc.?

    Yeah, I think we all know where to point THAT finger. Hidden Hand is one smart cookie. If you’re gonna dumb down a race of beings and disconnect them from their spiritual roots, which organ in their bodies should be attacked?

    Yep, their brains.

    It would be nice if our brother Valiant would give an update. The timelines are squeezing together really fast now. A little help would be nice.

    And remember my vision from a few months ago?: “The awakening of humanity will take place during a time of great turmoil.”

    Ugh. I hope I’m wrong.


    • Mike, I completely see what you are saying about the mental health concepts. It’s hard to say how many people who are on medications really should be on them and how many really should not. I really have no idea. I know that 12 years ago, I was so depressed and I thought that antidepressants saved my life! But now I’m wondering if I could do without them. But I’m so damn addicted to the medication now, that I may never find out if I could do without them. Some spiritual leaders say that if you’re on any medications that you can’t ascend fully into 5d. I just can’t buy that. What do you think?

      • Shannon,

        Here’s the deal with mental illness. It’s not very hard to understand what’s going on. You already know about my history with my ex-wife who has clinical depression and schizophrenia, so I don’t need to remind you of my years of experience.

        Our brains have to function normally for us to live a halfway decent life.

        Do our brains malfunction? Oh, hell yes, they do! Our brains are just another organ in our bodies, like our livers, kidneys, lungs and heart.

        Those organs can become diseased and cause all manner of lousy symptoms.

        Well, so can the brain and when it malfunctions, whatever the cause, we suffer in ways that are much worse than the physical symptoms of the failure of another organ.

        Much worse! And you know what I’m talking about.

        Too many misinformed people have big mouths and let fly with their ridiculous rants that psychiatry is a bogus science. It’s those people who stigmatize all their brothers and sisters who are suffering.

        Psychiatrists are MEDICAL

      • Psychiatrists are MEDICAL doctors. They are as trained and knowledgeable as surgeons but most people don’t give them such credit.

        And the vast majority of mental health professionals are caring, understanding and helpful people; not the quacks they are portrayed as being, so the prevailing “wisdom” about psychiatry is wrong. Horribly wrong.

        Helping your brain to function properly with meds is the RIGHT thing to do. If you stopped the meds, the horrible symptoms would return and your motivation to ascend into higher dimensional life would fade away. The dark forces would be winning and the light inside of you would be dimmed.

        Anybody who says that humans won’t ascend if they’re taking meds is full of sh*t. Completely.


      • Thanks, Mike! Yes, I remember what you had to go through with your ex-wife. And as a nurse, I totally understand what you’re saying about the brain being an organ like any other and it malfunctioning. I get it. I wonder why some of my very trusted sources of spiritual information wouldn’t get that? I hate to name any names (of who was saying that). But there were two of them. They were saying that the human body doesn’t need ANY medications, ever, and that it can repair itself. And they made it sound as though, if you can’t get your body to heal itself, then you’re not fit to ascend.

        Even though I can say that I feel in my gut that they are wrong about that, I hesitate to throw out their whole message based on that point. I think everyone is “feeling” their way through this process and even the best of the best are still just guessing.

        What do you think? Does anyone know all the details? Or just small pieces of the puzzle?

  3. I really liked that message until I saw the name Georgi Stankov. I used to follow him, but I dont’ anymore and there is a good reason for that.

    It seems that we are on the catastrophic timeline now, but I am not afraid of death if I must die then it’s fine, but I wouldn’t want to suffer any more than I already have. A survival future is just not for me, but of course I haven’t lost my faith in the Creator. What ever will happen must happen. I still do hope that ascension somehow happens. Maybe the big solar flare will manifest in the very near future? Who knows! 🙂

    • Thanks Child of Light! I had never heard of him. I am wondering if I should take this article down? It seems people do not like him.

      When you say, “It seems that we are on the catastrophic timeline now”, are you saying that because it’s what he said? If not, then what gives you that idea? I’m with you – not really that much of a survivalist. I’d rather the asteroid just come crashing straight down on my head! lol

      How’d the session go?


      • No, you shouldn’t take it down! It was just my opinion and the article had some good points.

        My session went quite well, but I didn’t visit the future timelines this time! So it’s just a hunch of mine, but I don’t think that there is nothing to be afraid of! I’m going to probably have another session in a month or two so maybe I’ll then ask about the future. 🙂

        I’m following many people like Drunvalo and I like to listen that what they have to say. Also I follow Suspicious0berserver’s daily news reports. I think that this is going to be a exciting year! I’m not really afraid, though the msm news seem to be fear mongering.

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