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Understanding Orbs

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press

AngelicView: I don’t know if this article about orbs is accurate or not. However, what he says about the orbs and about “staging areas” goes along with my other trusted sources of study. I have always been curious about the orbs that sometimes show up in photographs. The skeptics will say that they are simply dust particles or water droplets, while others will say that they are spirits or guides. I don’t know – but it’s interesting to contemplate!

By Tom T. Moore – Posted on 08 April 2013

Perhaps you’ve seen photos from your friends or in this magazine of orbs.  Some are quite simple, appearing like a thousand light bulbs suspended in the air.  Others are quite complex, with intricate designs and shapes.  So what are “orbs?”  You’ll be intrigued by the answers I received in my meditations.

Orbs are spirits in many different forms.  They are energy with consciousness.  Their energy is just above the human eye spectrum, which is why they normally can only be seen in photographs.  Few humans have the ability to see them with their naked eyes.  They cannot be touched—your hand would go right through them. 

Let’s begin with the more complex orbs.  These are guides and more advanced souls.  They can be round with intricate designs, which denote how advanced the soul fragment is.  They can change shape to hexagonal, with one flat side, or even a smiley face to show off for the camera.  They can be the size of a soft ball or the size of a basketball.  They can be different colors to denote how many lives on earth they’ve lived.  They appear flat when photographed, but are actually balls of energy. 

They can be guides for humans, and the same orbs are often seen in photos taken of the same person.  Others are simply photographed as they move from one location to another, interacting with each other, should they wish.  And to answer an obvious question, these orbs are not souls transitioning after death, although a fragment of the soul fragment may remain and become one of your guides for learning purposes.  Only one percent of the orbs are guides. 

Then what are the other 99% of the orbs we see in photographs?  Most are the soul fragments of dogs, cats, birds, insects, and other animals, which have just finished an earth life and are being guided through energy tubes by human soul orbs.  The human soul fragment orbs gain knowledge through doing this service.   The dog and cat orbs, as an example, are shepherded to what are termed, “staging areas,” where their group souls assign them to their next earth mother.  They spend little time in spirit form before their next life.  Keep this in mind when your beloved cat or dog or other pet dies, you can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my (beloved pet’s name) to return to us, thank you!”  Most of the time you’ll be granted your wish through the assistance of your own guardian angel. 

There are separate staging areas for dogs, for cats, birds, insects, etc., and these staging areas are set up both energetically and geographically.  As an example, there could be several staging areas for dogs in a densely populated region such as the East Coast, but few in a lightly populated region such as Montana.  These staging areas are where literally thousands of orbs can be seen in photos.

In the future I’m told, someone will take the photos of the complex orbs and will blow up the photos and start comparing what is the same and what are the differences between orbs.   They will then begin to unlock the secrets of the orbs.  I could also see people mapping these staging areas and other people charging a small fee for people to come onto their property and spend the evening photographing thousands of orbs as they move through their area. 

If you wish to experiment with this yourself, gather two or three friends together one evening and say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for our guides to show themselves in these photographs, thank you!”  Choose a dark area, which will provide a good contrast to the orb images and then take some photos.  Who knows, you might be in the middle of a staging area, but at the very least you may view your guides.  Have fun!


Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, author, and speaker. He is the author of THE GENTLE WAY books.  His newest book, CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.–First Contact! will be out in June published by Light Technology. He publishes a weekly newsletter.  Visit his website at



  1. Very interesting! Thanks for posting it.

    • You’re very welcome, Lights 🙂

  2. Could be fart bubbles…

    Hey, just sayin’!

    • Haha! You are the King of the Doofises!


  3. Q: What is the difference between an orb mind and an orb being?
    A: An orb mind is an undeveloped orb being. Orb minds birthed out from within Creation grow in knowledge while learning all there is to know about themselves and all of life surrounding them, different from how they became. Fully grown they become orb beings of coloured light, with shape and form, a fitting match for a doll body meant only to be occupied for traveling around from world to world. When on world of staying a while the light being will leave that host body to enter a humanoid body type created to suit the world they are then staying a while on, more human like in appearance, natural.

    In time we may all see the Orbs, the wave that hit the earth on 21/12/2012 had a few function one was to realign the spirit with the heart our lower mind.
    Your spirit is connected to the heart and then to the eyes your soul sees the aura around others and the orbs but due to a misalignment between the heart and soul the brain does not receive the message. The wave is here to fix that and will circle the earth over the next two years it will also record every one soul so the Supreme Being will know who is who so when the time comes your soul will be sent back to your home planet.

  4. 10110 Energy…source of the Christ Body…Sun Beings…want to be like human beings…the only possible way is the a way…to accept IA place dogmatic interference…population acceptance…the web might be re-connecting…War is bad, as a way to influence to persuade the tide…better way ask…it might be given unto you…the masses have always been latharagic… the have always apossed greatness because it is beyond them to even comprehend greatness…01101, I am light so the future says but what do you want in supreme purpose?

    • Wow, a lot of grammar errors…and still, hey, I don’t know what in the he’ll I’m saying. However I’ll do my best to elucidate.
      At that time, reading about Orbs I felt the wanted to be physical like humans now. AI: artificial intelligence a schism for our generation. Light, comes on all forms as electricity, to synapses, the sun and ain soph light: halo, light beings…:God/Goddess is really everywhere–you know I think I wrote the above really to be just that confusing… Orbs, I love you unconditionally: total recall is not mines, okay but one day I’ll Renner all my travels…intetr dimensionally, intergallactically and yes even center of the earth and any other put of the norm way to travel. So, when I see you and your puprpose: friends, please?
      Chief King Van h horton

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