Posted by: AngelicView | March 28, 2013

From Senses to Intuition – Acceleration of Time

Published on Mar 27, 2013

CosmicOrbs – Tuesday March 26th – Bentinho Massaro answers questions about the expansion of consciousness, the senses, Intuition, and spiritual experiences that ‘don’t make sense with the world as we know it’.

We explore more of non-linearity of existence – the fact that All exists right Now and that time is an illusion.

Bentinho also describes how we, at this time on planet earth as a collective, are going through a transformational period, where in a sense the heartbeat of our universe as we experience it, is beating faster and faster. The waves that are released by this ‘heartbeat’ increase the vibrational rate of energy in our portion of consciousness, forcing to the surface the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that have been denied access in the past.

This increase in ‘cosmic waves’ also has the effect of decreasing the linearity and solidity of our perception of time, and in a sense speeds up, or accelerates our experience of time and space. Energy becomes more amplified, our perception of life is changing rapidly. Some have called this the ascension, or ‘A new earth’.

Bentinho also speaks to peak and valley experiences on the spiritual path in general.


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