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Tolec: Vice-Chairwoman Tania

AngelicView: Tolec is very popular on my other blog, AngelicView, but I’m moving his AndromedaGalaxy1stories over to this blog instead.

The latest from Tolec is that he wants to tell us about Vice-Chairwoman Tania and about her home planet and emigration to Planet Earth.

Do I have any inside information to know if this information from him is true? No, I don’t. I had originally liked his messages and so have followed him since. Who knows? Right? Not me!

So this article is in Norwegian I translated it to English using Google Translate, and then changed some of the wording where it might have been hard to understand.


I’m Tania, Vice-Chairwoman the Andromeda Council. I want to share insights about my home world, the planet “Terial” in the star system Mirach contained in the Andromeda constellation, visible in the sky and the star map.

About Planet Terial

My home world consists of many large and small islands in a vast ocean. They are grouped together on one side of the planet. Most of the planet is covered by water.

There is a large mountain range called Tie-key Mountains, which has a purple tint, which is the largest continent called Sae-wyeeze.

Most of the planet materials is covered by water.  The back side of the planet consists of sea.

Most of the planet Terial is covered by water. The back side of the planet consists of sea.

The other three major islands on Terial are:
Middle: Nahn-see cole
Top: Moe chee
Left (volcano): Pa ‘About-nee-tae

There are rolling hills, forests, lakes, rivers, trees, grasslands and beaches.

Forests are very perfect in appearance.

Grasslands are yellow in color.

The beaches are white with crystalline spots.

The waters around the coast are turquoise-green and clear to see through to the bottom.

The sea is very blue in depth mixed with some purple.

Heaven (AV: “sky”?) has a combination of pink-yellowish tint by day.

The night sky has a black look with the different sizes of the six colored moons that are visible both at night and during the day. The colors are very vivid and very clear.

The animals in our world can communicate with us by sending us pictures of their focus and thoughts. There are animals that resembles Earth’s animals and animals that are not known to you. The animals on our planet are vegetarians. They eat plants, leaves and different types of grass.

The intergalactic officials travel to our “space port” (spaceport) with the biosphere that protect the space around our planet and our planet Terial. This is the same biosphere transporting our people to their planet. Space port is near the town where our official Royal Palace is. This is where many of our important meetings take place.

Interest in Earth

Our interest in the earth in those early days of exploring arose when Andromeda Council and its Galactic Federation addressed a request for volunteers to take part in the exploration of planet Earth.  And they came to us (the planet Terial). Our Royal Council agreed to send their best team of volunteers with a background in scientific research and intergalactic exploration to join a larger group of people who would experience the earth.

Journey to Earth

The original people of Terial came to earth about 6000 years ago … along with other Star People (star people) from their respective home worlds. There were hundreds of volunteers from Terial. There were about 2 billion people on my planet at the time. Now there are about 4 billion people on Terial, which today vibrates at middle level in the fourth dimension. Previously it was a third dimensional planet like Earth today.
Terial is about the size of the planet Saturn in your solar system, but has no rings, just six moons.

Some of mine were left in the biosphere as we traveled to their world and went into orbit around the Earth in about five years to see that our people who had settled on Earth did it ok and were safe. The number of volunteers from Terial that had actually set foot on Earth and been there was about 80 people. There were biologists, social scientists, etc. About half of these 80 individuals were from the extended family … from the royal family … on the planet Terial. That these people were related to each other and knew each other so well, was a benefit under nybyggerprosessen (?) in their country. There were people from Terial that introduced deep blonde hair and genetics with blue / green eyes. No hair on people changed to honey blonde, but the true gulblonde (?) hair that lasts a lifetime.

They settled in what is now an area of ​​Skagerrak Strait.  At that time this was not the area under water.

They settled in what is now an area of ​​Skagerrak Strait. At that time this was not under water.

Everything that today is Denmark were at that time separated from the landmass of Norway and Sweden only by a river.

We set up the first underground dwelling connected by a tunnel to a large cave, which was surrounded by pristine forest. When they hit their post, they headed north to Norway and Sweden. This first plant is now under water in the Skagerrak Strait [see. Jpg file for approximate location] which now separates Denmark from Norway and Sweden.

The second outpost

The second plant was in Jotunheimen area in Norway. It was here that they flourished and began to spread to the surrounding areas. There were a few families who migrated east to Sweden. Now the main focus is to talk about Norway’s beginnings. Of course, there were areas that were snow covered part of the time. It was short seasons of warm weather like a wind that comes over the Norwegian land. It brought relief to many of our Terial people who were not used to the constant cold weather.

Jotunheimen area was safe and a commercial center from the coast. We built structures that would withstand wind, rain, and raiders who were looking for the the priceless commodities food and warm clothes. It was a tough environment at the time.

Interaction with locals

We observed the few local tribes who were handing (Survivalist) and harsh people in the face of nature. The local clans banded together to survive, and established a trading system that worked so everyone (men, women and children) could benefit from trade.

The local tribes lacked nothing. Their belief systems were such that they include all members of the ever-growing strains. There was plenty of land to divide among all the local tribes. Everyone thought about the balance of life. It was a very simple tribal life.

We were careful not to expose any of our advanced technology that we had from our world. Not to change the course of history – so that people at this time would develop naturally. We kept it hidden. For them, it would have been like “magic”. We explored other areas when the weather was warmer in the spring season to find herbs, flowers, plants and other living organisms for healing and improvement of life among the tribes. Some of us have migrated to the couple to continue to explore and live among the nations. Others married into local tribes. We chose to be part of the earth to help improve the quality of life for everyone here.

Many of our descendants are now spread across Norway, Sweden and some of the Western European countries through hereditary traits blond hair, blue or blue-green eyes and fair skin that people in those countries have. And yes, it was concluded marriage between our people at that time … and the local indigenous people of their land.

Mythical stories in Norway

Many mythical and mysterious stories have been told and been lost over the centuries. These stories of strength, lightning and thunder gods, and our high people, to a certain extent, our original group terial-people.

Many of the local tribal people called Terials giants, or “tall trees” because they were taller than the average of the local indigenous tribal peoples.

The height of my people who emigrated from Terial to their planet was on average at the time: the men was 6 ‘5 “to 6’ 8” (195-203 cm.) High. The women were 6 ‘to 6’3 (182 – 188 cm.) High. They were slim, solidly built, not skinny … tall, blonde … with beautiful appearance. Even as fjerdedimensjonale (? dimensional) people today, we have kept these characteristics.

Many of these people thought that our people used “magic” that created light, cabins, irrigation and traps for food. It was our use of technology … that many local people created their mythical Norse stories.

Many tribal people went to the shore and swam like a fish. They were surprised that the Terial people were not afraid of the water. We used some of our technology to build great boats, sailboats, which we used to go on voyages by sea. The local people were happy to board the boats we had made.

Notes about the Jotunheimen area

Buried deep in the Jotunheimen area’s places of stuff waiting to be discovered by the Norwegian people. It’s there, and they will be able to find things that they can not explain and do not know how it got there. Old pieces of metal that are not from Earth. Ancient writings that are not known to earth linguists. There are bits and pieces that will help humanity find its awakening … to embrace the new dawn.

Jotunheimen area holds yet interesting artifacts from the distant past that are waiting to be discovered by modern archaeologists.

Jotunheimen area holds interesting artifacts from the distant past that are waiting to be discovered by modern archaeologists.


This is Tania, Vice-Chairwoman for Andromeda Council, send my love to the other descendants of my people of our planet Terial.

Wake up from sleep, my Norwegian and Swedish relatives … and the remnants of my people, who are scattered in distant countries outside Norway and Sweden.

We will reunite again in the future.

In this conversation tells Tolec of Andromeda Council report from Tania on emigrants from Terial to Earth for His Gaarder (?):

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  1. Hello Shannon,

    I have been following Tolecs youtube messages and his website for quite some time now. It is a bit frustrating that there has been these long periods of silence even though what he has said is said…and repeating it all again just doesn’t make sense. Anyways, all the info he has given us is just too amazing and good to be true. I hope it all is and that he wont disappear…
    Please let me hear your thoughts on all this. I must admit, sometimes it scares me just to think about the possibility of all this not being TRUE.

    • Yeah, Fred.I’m with you. I mean, our world as it is is unsustainable. Tolec could be very right about his claims or he could be wrong. But one thing I’m pretty much convinced of is that he is being truthful. In other words,I believe that he believes in the messages he has received. received. Now, whether or not his source of information is good and honest is yet to be seen.

      My opinion on the possibility of us shifting dimensions… I think it could be possible if our frequency rises enough for it to accomplish this. But I’m just not sure that we can get to that level on our own without some kind of outside assistance – Divine Intervention of some type. And so that’s what I’m looking for. In the meantime, of course I’m going to raise my own frequency as much as I can.

      Thank you for the comment, I like to hear what people think about these things 🙂

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