Posted by: AngelicView | March 23, 2013

Atlantis, the Rays of Creation, & the Sound Templates…

Atlantis, the Rays of Creation, & the Sound Templates That are Turning on Long-Forgotten Aspects of the Brain

In collaboration with Treeof Life Celebration Group

 Jim Self: Conversations with Stewart PearceCastleFrance

In his book, The Angels of Atlantis, author and sound healer Stewart Pearce writes that the people of Atlantis experienced a way of being alive that vibrated in accord with a completely different biochemistry from our contemporary molecular status. Their ‘super-coherence’ was created and nourished by an octave of spiritual intelligence far surpassing anything we currently attain, except perhaps for a few notable exceptions.

In this episode, Stewart and Jim will discuss:

*Atlantis and the Rays of Creation and sound templates thatare now beginning to turn on aspects of the brain that have not been availableto us for millennia

*Human and planetary evolution

*The Master Code sounds that provide us with the potentialto connect with certain supreme states of consciousness

And more…


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