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The New Earth is Already Here!

AngelicView: I stumbled across this video of this kid (he looks to be in his 20’s, I’d say) last night and clicked on it. I was so glad I did. He kind of gave me a lot of things to think about. He worded things in a way that I had not thought of before. It’s like he has helped me to remember some concepts. BeautifulLion

The video, while not “viral”, has over 3,000 views – which is no small change! This young man is giving a class or lecture to some people. So much of what he said made so much sense to me, that I wanted to share it with you. Not only did I want to share it, but I took notes for those people who don’t have over an hour to spare, you can just read my notes. It’s not a word-for-word transcription of what he says but I think it captures the essence of the message.

Bentinho Massaro – “Ben”

Sometimes matter seems so alive, and not solid like we think it is. Almost jello-like. Vibrant and squishy. We can see it vibrating. More lately than 20 years ago. 20 years from now you’ll experience it even more.

If I sense into timelines and compare where we’re at now – it’s so much lighter than it used to be. Like, dozens of times lighter. Less dense yet more dense with light. It isn’t that dense of a place anymore. If we think it is that dense of a place, it’s simply a memory. But if you compare, matter is more “play-able”. It wants to play with you. It wants you to play with it. Where-as, even 30 years ago, you would sense that you were on a straight track. For years and years everything stayed the same. But now you notice when things don’t change. Because things are changing quickly. The rate of the atom (spinning on it’s axis) is speeding up. So now you notice when things don’t move along. Solid things are now just going to crumble apart.

You can watch things out your window and see the vibrancy. We are swimming in the sea of energy. And yet we are talking to each other in the ways that we used to 20 years ago. The state of mind that we have bears with it the image of what we once were. We are not there anymore.

It’s only a matter of time before we feel fully comfortable in the new consciousness. Our environment is becoming more spontaneous. The energy is becoming more playful and it’s only a matter of time before we feel comfortable in that playfulness. The more you let go of the way it used to be, the more fun you’ll have. It wants to play. The very substance you’re playing in wants to play with you.

We have agreed that we have experienced everything we wanted to experience around conflict. It’s done. We’re fed up with suffering. And unlike 50 years ago – there was still a lot of purpose in suffering, a lot of purpose in war then. Those people that are still in areas of war and negativity will start to sense that there is no more purpose in it. You’re swimming in an energy that it’s no longer valid in. Even for the people who are fighting wars, they’ll sense it.

Even us – we’ll stop perceiving value in negativity. We’ve exhausted it. We’ve created the value in the transition in consciousness. We’re ready for a time of play. Playing playing playing playing. Seriousness will transform into a time of playing. Congratulations! You’ve all agreed that you’re done. Even if you don’t fully understand it – you’ve all agreed at a gut level that we’re done exploring those ways. We are ready for play. Our environment is a reflection of our consciousness.

There used to be a value in rigidity. But no more. Our environment is more fluid now. Game over. It’s time to play. Take your problems less serious and more playful. Change the definition of problems and issues (personal and global) to a light-hearted challenge. Play with your environment.

You’re creating a reflection of “home” here now.

None of us here with this energy could have survived 200 years ago. It wouldn’t be sustainable. The environment wouldn’t have matched with you. That’s why you’re here now. To be on that threshold where you still have the challenge of seeing the “old” and also seeing the other half. Seeing that you are bringing with you the “new”. Seeing the change. Let go of your definitions of “what a shitty world this is” and see that it’s no longer the case. When we talk about the state of the world and how shitty the world is, we’re talking about 20 or 30 years ago. It no longer is that way. And in a sense the governments that are playing with organizing our world – they, too, are talking about a world that no longer exists. They are sitting around talking about a world that is no longer here. They are not living in today – the freshness of this moment. The energy of right now is so much higher, so much less solid than it used to be. Be open to that, and the old will fall away very quickly. You’ll see that heaven is already here, we’re just letting go of our old associations. Effortlessly aware of being here now. Energetic, playful. Consciousness is alive and vibrant.

That veil is thinning. It’s opening up. It’s more obvious. It’s more accessable. So if you just look at this moment the way it is – look out your window – and instead of focusing too much on the structure, relax your gaze, and just acknowledge that you’re already in that place. It already is the “Garden of Eden” – “the New Earth”. The structures stand out as residues, old memories. The traditions that we’ve had for many years are just memories. The structures that you move through are in a sense just memories. They are losing their “gas”. And there are no gas stations around anymore. We are running out of fuel to sustain the old ways. It isn’t a crisis. All the old ways are not a big problem. We can run out of gas in that sense. We can run out of the old ways. These changes are already waiting for us to let go of the old ways and to be okay with the change. We can substitute the old ways right away. No time gap. We can move into the new ways right away. As soon as we realize that we have thoroughly, deeply explored that and we’re done with that. We’ve already explored all the old ways. We don’t have to explore it anymore. We’re done. We can move into the new. That stream of the collective that is amping up is unstoppable. Things will start to fall off your radar. Things that don’t work for you anymore will quickly leave your reality. Where 30 years ago things would stay the same no matter what.

The energy of Heaven is already here. The more you acknowledge it and stop reaching back to the old resources, the more it will just fall off your radar. And you will look back and realize that something’s missing – in a good way. You don’t know exactly when or where or how, but it has. It accelerates if you pay attention to the state of being of the world. The energy essence of the world. Start to play with that. That’s how we fully move into the new sense of being. It’s not by solving the old stuff – because it doesn’t need to be solved. It is it’s own reality and it serves it’s own purpose. We are simply moving into the next reality. We have no global issues to tackle.

Follow your bliss, your joy, and you’ll be in the new world, literally. You’ll wonder, where did all that stuff go? That reality is not meant to be solved. It’s meant to be there for the people who need it. It offers experience for people who wish to be in that vibratory reality. You move your consciousness to the reality that already is. The old shit is still there. But it just falls off your radar. You move into the new world by raveling in the new-ness. Stop watching the news. You’re watching pathetic old guys talking about a reality that is no longer here. Their associations of the past. It’s not actively here. It’s not a reflection of reality. They are in their memories of 30 years ago. Why would you pay attention to that? It’s not relevant anymore.

So when people call people like me “dreamers”, I say it’s the other way around. News, government – that’s dreaming. The issues never get solved, you’re just no longer experiencing those problems. You don’t have to worry about those problems.

Help out anyone suffering. However, realize that both of you chose to be there in that moment. You are choosing to help them for your own growth. They are suffering for their own growth. There is no saint. Anywhere. We live for ourselves. We desire to experience that. Others intersect with your reality so you can have the idea of interaction. But at the heart of it, you would not be experiencing that if there wasn’t a purpose for your being-ness. But it doesn’t make you a saint. You are experiencing helping them for YOU. They are all a part of the ONE consciousness. Helping others is for your own personal evolution. It allows for a more expanded awareness of yourself.

When you are in the stage of helping others and others are experiencing being helped, they are just experiencing different points of view. You’re not really doing something for somebody else. Your energy is more genuine when you realize this. When you’re being the samaritan, realize it’s personal and it’s for yourself. They are different focuses of exploration – exploring a different theme. So we can stop putting guru’s on a pedestal.  Every teacher is having his or her own experience. People do benefit from it. We’re all agreeing to have that experience from our own points of view for our own purposes.

If you’re not happy, you’re not helping. We’re all beacons. Usually when we’re helping someone, all we can do is radiate our vibratory frequency. When you’re not happy, you’re not in resonance with your own energy. Other people are drawn to you by your vibratory level. We teach only by example. By our frequency, our radiance. If you really want to help beings, then help yourself. Be selfish in just the right way. Knowing that you’re worthy is the only way to help someone else. Imagine 3D circles 20 feet around everyone. That’s your reality. You’re projecting your reality in your bubble. What we sometimes think helping is… is exiting our bubble experience and entering someone else’s bubble and fixing something in their bubble. But you’re not. Relax into your essence. You never leave your bubble. Your energy is literally self-centered. So be self-centered in just the right way. Don’t go outside of your own frequency. Emit your radiance out from you. Stay in your own bubble. (Just an analogy).

Your vibratory level always finds it’s place. Those people you will naturally interact with will resonate with your vibratory level. Worries of money or finding a job, for example, we’re compartmentalizing ourselves – we’re choosing that conditioning. Years of conditioning. You own it. You’re dis-empowering yourself to make a change. You make it look like it’s out of your control. Needing money to survive. Worrying… don’t want to live by those kinds of thoughts anymore. Want to go towards happiness? Then shift your allegiance to happiness. Ask yourself, “what excites me the most right now?” “What would I love to do right now?” Find your joy like that. Even if it doesn’t seem to solve the money issue – it will. It will increase your vibratory essence.

Video Description:Bentinho starts out by asking if people have experience with sensing the enhanced vividness and vibrancy in the presence of objects and our space/time/energy environment in general and continues to share his experience and vision of how Planet Earth, or simply our present environment, the fabric of energy that we are a part of and conscious of, has increased and is increasing its energy.In a very real sense, we can stop to acknowledge the old ways, the old ideas of ‘how bad the world is’ and start acknowledging this wildly alive and playful loving presence of our environment afresh, every single day! We simply drop out of the old paradigm and BECOME the new one instantaneously, moment by moment.This is the birthing of a New Earth, the new world. The New Age of Humanity and a very conducive environment to our spiritual evolution as a species has begun. Rejoice! Join in on the beauty available to everyone right here and now. No more waiting.

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  1. Wonderful , you have a crystal heart Angelic view always a great honor to read your post

    • Thank you, Frank! You are too kind! ❤

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