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The New Complex of Humanity

AngelicView: I have something very special to share with you today. It is known that many people who have experienced an NDE (Near Death Experience) continue to have some sort of a connection to the other side of the veil after their NDE. Some people decide that they don’t want that connection, and so the link fades away. Others want to explore and expand that connection, and so they are able to do that.


In this case, a man has an NDE as a teenager, and wants to connect with the other side so bad that he expands his link extraordinarily. He meets with what he calls an Angel many times. In some of those meetings, the Angel has explained to him – in great detail – the next evolutionary step of Humanity. That is the piece that I am posting here. And FYI – this man is a Marine (Hoo-rah). πŸ˜‰ Β (That was for my Marine friends – I do not condone killing for any reason except for self-defense, but I love everyone).Β 

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My spiritual learning was done in a telepathic way in a series of lectures with the angel Lamdiel while I was out of my body, floating and absorbing the angel’s words. But first I had to volunteer to help others. I was only 15 that time, but I did.

The learning included information about other lives in the Universe, the origin of humanity on earth, the inner reality of matter, speeds, energy, and lots of data that highlighted or completely contradicted what I was learning then at my school in science.

But one of the most exciting events was when the angel told me about the future of humanity.

“Today I have a very important message for you.” He said.

In a flash we were high in space. Looking down, a great excitement went through my whole soul. A blue planet was down there.

“Planet Earth!” I cried with joy.

Soaked with feelings of love, I just kept looking down, absorbing the scene into my soul. Those were moments I will never forget.

“You, the human species on Earth, have come a long way in your evolutionary process and, soon, you are going to enter into a new era in your lives which is the next and the major step in your evolutionary process.WorldIsEvolving

“I have already taught you about the concept of advanced life forms, such as a human being which is, in reality, a compound of life inside life, inside life. Each time a more advanced new life form emerges from the unification of the previous ones. . . let’s explore it in more detail. It is important because understanding this concept will help you grasp the destiny of humanity.

“.. . You know that a human being is actually a compounded group of lives. It is built of smaller particles, or smaller life forms, which are your body cells. But this is not the end of the story. Your body’s cells are also made of smaller particles which are also alive. They aren’t considered alive by your scientists. Nevertheless, they have their simpler life forms. You know them as the proteins and amino acids which, again, are made from simpler life forms. They are called by your scientists: molecules. These life forms are arranged in a specific code, creating the proteins and the living cells of your body which, in turn, create the human body. Again, David, this is not the beginning of the compounded life form. These molecules are made from smaller particles as well–the atoms.

“Within the physical level on Earth, the atoms are considered by your scientists as the smallest foundation or the complete basis of all the physical matter. The living aspects of the atom are being ignored, but nevertheless in a much simpler form, the atoms have their own tiny, living spirits within themselves.

“In reality, the atoms’ spirits aren’t the beginning of the story. As you remember from the previous lessons, each atom is made of many subatoms 7, which are made from subatoms 6 and so on, all the way down to subatoms 1. Each subatom 1, together with the pure living units in the infinite level, is the basic foundation of matter and life in the Universe.

“. . . If you followed the compounded structure of lives inside lives, you probably noticed that a single person is, by now, is one of the most advanced complexes of life on Earth. But is it the end of the evolution story?

” . . . A human being on Earth is not the end of the grouping system. The coming step in the evolutionary process is one of the most amazing ones.

” Similar to your body’s cells, the entire human population on Earth is going to form the next group as a compound new life. Through unification of all humans on planet Earth, a new giant life form, holding a much bigger spirit within the souls of humans is going to emerge.

“Similar to the energy links between the cells in your body–besides the physical and chemical connections between your cells–there are unseen energy links among all human beings, even between today’s enemies. The Lightworker1links which connect each one of you to the others are much stronger than the individual’s needs or even the individual’s life. Therefore these unseen energy links affect each and every person on Earth whether one is aware of them or not.

“All over planet Earth, a growing number of humans are in a constant search for meaning in life, for filling a major sensation of spiritual emptiness within the self. The emptiness within people’s souls is forcing them to fill it somehow with spiritual or metaphysical activity. This is partly the reason why people are forming, or are devoted to, religions and cults. This emptiness in the human souls is also the factor which will force them to bond to each other further .. . it is not going to be a physical bonding process like the cells in your body . . . but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, a fact that will lead to a main evolutionary event on Earth.

“. . . Right now, humanity is in the process of bonding more strongly, each human to the others. It is done in unseen ways, but sensitive individuals can sense its effect all over the planet and especially the strong emerging collective super conscious mind, which is going to be much stronger in the near future. Also, the new, growing technology affects humanity much more than you can assume initially. It is going to affect you consciously and subconsciously. Consciously, through the advanced communication and computerized technology, and subconsciously through the growing of unseen radio, TV and other wave transmissions which are actually energy links among all people on Earth, thus creating an enormous netlike energy around the planet Earth, bonding even further all humanity into a single subconscious and super conscious mind. This stage is the prerequisite for the next major evolutionary step.

“… Your planet is alive … The planet and each of the life forms on it have their own spirits. Earth is in a constant communication with your souls. Your evolution is also the evolution of the planet. The living species on Earth represent its living evolution, but the most advanced life forms on it are human beings. They represent the more advanced functions of the planet, similar to the cells of the nervous system which are the most developed cells in your body–the ones which are the sites of bonding with a higher soul, the human soul.

“This process is similar to the way that the souls of cells united themselves and advanced into the next step of evolution in order to continue and grow as a part of a bigger life form that they had created, which is actually a plant, an animal, or a human.Alchemy

“Next, the new united or energy bonded humans who are actually the most mentally evolved life forms on planet Earth, will make a further step in the filling of the empty space in their souls. They are going to bond themselves to a much bigger spirit which is going to bond with all the souls of the people on Earth in a similar way as your own soul bonded itself with the little souls of the nerve cells in your body.

“The new, enormous giant spirit will coordinate all human lives in the new complex of humanity bonded together. . . This spirit will help humanity to evolve farther into higher frontiers in the Universe. It is the real evolutionary step that many planets in the Universe, which have gone through similar evolutionary advancements, are waiting for in order to communicate with you.

“This process might seem strange, but remember how your own body did the same. Your living cells, when you were very young, as an embryo of a few weeks, were craving for a bigger soul–which is your soul–to bond with them, to bring higher life into their lives. They needed your soul in order to help the tiny cells to fulfill their own evolutionary needs. These needs are, in reality, imprinted in each and every subatom and in every living unit of their spirits. Your cells made a major step in the evolutionary process. They bonded with a bigger soul . . . They bonded with your soul in order to create you–a much more advanced life form than each one of them separately. That process enriched the cells’ lives tremendously. Their lives completely changed. They became stronger, enlightened, full of love and satisfaction. They became part of a bigger life form with a bigger soul who filled the emptiness in their own tiny souls. They made a major step in the process of evolution which is part of the unification of the entire life in the Universe.

“You, the entire humanity, are going to proceed with it. After the unification process with each other, you humans on Earth are going to make the main evolutionary step, the ultimate one as individual humans–you are going to bond with a greater, enormous spirit.”

I was excited. “Who is that giant spirit? I felt as if my heart were racing although I was in my astral body. The angel smiled, then slowly answered my question.

“It is going to be a strong, huge, high intensity spirit from the third level of existence, from the forces level. That spirit is going to bond Himself with all of humanity on the planet Earth.

“It will create a huge new entity–one that will improve your lives tremendously and forever. This huge spirit is quite well known to humanity on Earth. Many people, unknowingly, already are craving to bond with Him. They consciously pray for His help, and love Him. In some part of their subconscious minds all people on Earth already know it. And whether they believe in any established religion or not, in times of great need most humans recognize His existence. They call him: God, Elohim, Yahave, Allah, the Heavenly Father, and many other names.”

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  1. WOOO! Can’t wait, so long as I am one of the fun bits of the greater entity. Great story Angelic view. Bless your cotton socks

    • Haha! I’m so glad you like it, Frank πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you Shannon =)

    • My pleasure Laron! πŸ™‚

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