Posted by: AngelicView | March 17, 2013

The Waiting Game: Do You Feel It?

AngelicView: A compilation of comments – each color represents a comment from a different person. I was inspired by this thread and I am glad I’m not alone in feeling it.

All my life I’ve had this feeling of…..waiting. For what? I do not know. I only know that it feels as if something’s out there, and I’m at the mercy of its timeline. 
I wish I could describe this waiting sensation better, but I don’t know that I can. 
So I go through my daily routine, waiting for this….something…..and all the while life passes by.


Wait is almost up, you will see the true reality of things soon. We have hit a breaking point we cannot go on much longer in this way. We had the chance to change now the people in charge are going to try to change it for their good. But as all things powerful it will come to a end, people will awaken to the true reality of things…

I feel exactly the same as you, as a child i felt as though i was born during a special time in human history, and that i would be present to see something very special. However, I feel the same, I’m 45 next month, and starting to wonder if indeed i will around.

I have been “waiting” my entire life, from a very young age. I KNEW I was born to experience whatever it is that I will experience in this lifetime. Interesting, how many feel the same way. Honestly, this waiting game has changed the course of my direction in life so many times; just to put me in the right places in the right times. My intuition says, “V, just wait…”

I’m waiting for something miraculous to happen. I’m waiting for a reason to live. In the absence of that, I’m waiting to die, because right now I don’t see much justification for being here in this plane of existence. It certainly doesn’t feel rewarding.


I think you’ll find there are many of us out here. Waiting patiently for what we don’t exactly know, but we’ve always known it’s coming. This present generation has a date with destiny, and it will start with a worldwide paradigm change like no other in millennia. IMHO.

For as long as I remember I had the same EXACT “feeling” or “sense” I can’t even describe using language to tell you the truth. I feel like I wasn’t supposed to know about this, or remember it but it is very gently lingering in my memory bank.

The waiting goes on, but not for much longer. We are in a period which is the calm before the storm. The pieces are almost all in place.

Not wanting to sound repetitive, but I’m on the waiting list too. Can’t pinpoint it… have absolutely no idea, but I just know its coming. 
I scour the news every day looking for something and sure enough events happen and i think Ah is this it, only for life to carry on with no real change. I’ve often considered that its just the human condition, to feel that we’re on the cusp of something, but then I see so many people just carrying on and (possibly) ignoring that inner feeling… maybe some people are more in touch than others? 
I’ve sometimes been in the position to start something, only to talk myself out of it as I know soon it won’t matter.

Sometimes I feel it´s something that activates in us, “waiters”, when the time comes. 
This feelings has been with me all my life that we see something monumental in our lifetimes. Big change. And then it´s time to remember and act.

Yes. I remember and have always known my ‘job’… learn and know as much as possible and search, find and store information. 
There is a buzz and it is almost time. 
But what for!!!!???

I’m not sure what that “feeling” is about but I’ve had it for most my adult life. The feeling is somewhat like feeling misplaced…like I’m in a period of time that I’m not supposed to be in… 
Its like watching a movie you have never seen before that makes absolutely no sense…but you keep waiting and waiting for the punch line, or for the last 10 minutes of nonsense to be highlighted with a moment of clarity… 
For me deep down I feel as though I’m waiting for reality to fall apart at the seams…for the constraints and boxed in aspects of reality to disappear. 
School > college > work > taxes > marriage > taxes > kids > taxes > white picket fence > taxes > retirement > taxes > death…taxes… 
its too incredibly linear and boring to be the standard of life…especially when reality/life can be so incredibly vast…but yet its a formidable mechanism to try and escape. 
To me I guess I feel like I’ve been waiting for the “game” to be over…I’ve always had a really hard time taking life (as we typically live it) seriously (although I get caught up in it at times) and because of this I feel as though I’m misplaced…in a time that doesn’t correspond at all with who I am, what I believe and what I desire or am drawn to… 



  1. Hopefully the waiting is over soon! 🙂

  2. I’m waiting for someone to pull my finger!

    • No need to wait, just let it go! “Better out than in”, that’s what I always say!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I’ve had the same waiting feeling as well. Love and blessings to you ♥♥

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