Posted by: AngelicView | March 10, 2013

Spirit: Say What?

Imported from AngelicView. Originally posted on June 5, 2012. Coming to fruition now because I am going to share my AngelicView blog with my family, friends, and co-workers now.

by AngelicView

I would like to blog here my conversation with Spirit tonight.  It was enlightening, as usual, for me. And I think it may be enlightening for you, too.

Me: What to write about or post in my blog tonight? I feel as though, viewing my readership, I may be only “preaching to the choir”, as they say. These people arealready lightworkers and they have already seen a lot of this stuff and they already know a lot of this stuff.

Spirit: Did you ever think you were going to write a blog?

Me: Absolutely not! When Steve Beckow was telling everyone they should start a blog (for example) I thought to myself, “I’ll never do that! That’s not like me to do something like that”. But then I did.

Spirit: Why did you start the blog then?

Me: Well, my friend Mike got me started because he encouraged me to search inside and pull out what I do know (which, I didn’t think was a lot). But then I realized I didknow some things that could be shared and maybe might be an inspiration to others. But what really got me started was that I created an account through Word Press so that I could “like” other blogger’s posts. I thought it was important to let them know that I was reading and appreciating their posts. Then, once I created my blog, within one day I was writing and posting! I found it exciting that I could share with other people!

Spirit: Do you think that was all coincidence, that it happened that way?

Me: No! I don’t believe in coincidences!

♥ Okay, here’s the kicker! ♥

Spirit: Let’s say that tomorrow (for example) everything starts going down. Let’s say arrests start happening, the media is freed from it’s grasp, space craft landings are happening, and everyone is talking about the coming Ascension (Human Evolution). Your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and strangers are coming to you for information. Are you going to stress yourself out by going through everything you know trying to explain to everyone and their grandmother what is going on? Or, you can simply point them to your blog, in which you have a whole collection of thoughts, videos, and articles for them to peruse?

Me: Wow! So what you’re saying here is that my audience might not be who I think it is? Maybe I’m not being forward-thinking enough!

Spirit: That’s why I’m here 😉


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