Posted by: AngelicView | March 9, 2013

Spirit: Love and Light – What??

Imported from AngelicView. Originally posted on July 25, 2012.

Grabbing my attention

Today I was sitting here at my computer and I knew Spirit wanted to get a message through to me. I felt “encouraged” to take a short walk (which is many times when I get my clearest messages). Well, I had all kinds of reasons why I didn’t want to take a walk. One was that my 12-year-old daughter is sleeping in bed and what if she wakes up? Spirit said to me that she won’t wake up and there is an Angel watching over her. I said, “which one?” Just then a pale blue pin-point of light flashed just outside of center of my vision. I said, “Oh, good – I like that one”. ;)

So I took the short walk to figure out the message. First, Spirit is telling me that I haven’t shared many of the messages I’ve received lately. I’m assuming that means that Spirit is encouraging me to share more. Sometimes they are very short – but yet still meaningful. And so I endeavor to do that.

And so I was going over all the messages I have gotten in the last few weeks and was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of sharing them all. Then Spirit highlighted one for me. And so that is the one that is most needed or most important right now. The “priority” message, if you will.

“Love and Light” – what are we really sending?

Wow, I’m sitting here and thinking how hard it is for me to word this to make it understood. So I’ll just start and see where we end up.

There are a lot of tragedies around the world today. We see death and destruction – and suffering.

I am not afraid of death or even destruction, personally, but I am afraid of suffering. I don’t like to suffer and I wouldn’t want to have to watch any of my family or friends (certainly not my daughter) suffer either.

If you really want to help the situation, don’t own what’s not yours’

When we are sitting here watching our brothers and sisters here on planet Earth in the midst of death, destruction, and suffering, it tears at us. We are human beings with feelings. We feel for them. It breaks our hearts to see this happening.

But it’s not ours’. We don’t own it. How to explain?

Without trying to sound like a completely unfeeling person, we need to let go of feeling bad for these people.

If anything, they are making a great sacrifice for the good of all Humanity (by awakening them to the “system” we have found ourselves seemingly – but not so – trapped in, and by awakening them to a wider perspective – an extra-dimensional perspective). And so, we could see them as our heroes.

When this is all over and we’re all partying on the other side of the veil, we’ll be over all the “bad” that was done here.

What doesn’t help the situation

Our broken hearts and the tearing at our souls doesn’t help them. Sending them “love and light” in this way is kind of like sending them our pity – and it plays into the system. It’s what “Big Brother” wants. But it’s not what’s needed.

But be assured, the energetic transmissions of our thoughts do affect the situation. So let’s send them our thoughts in a different way – with a different “voice” or feeling.

Okay, so how?

Well, we can send them “Love and Light”. But instead of giving it the connotation of “OMG! How horrible for you! Sending Love and Light!” send it with this intention, “I acknowledge that you’re suffering right now. I want you to know that you are my hero! You are helping everyone else with your sacrifices. Thank you for being in that place so that we can all benefit in some way. Sending my Love and Light.”

I know some of my words might offend some people – and I don’t like that. It’s not easy sometimes, trying to effectively explain feelings.

We are still sending them our love. But we are just doing it in a different way than maybe we are used to.

That is the best way I can explain it. I feel that our collective light is brighter if we do it this way.



  1. Profound words

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Even if it’s hard, I appreciate it.

    We want to send the Love & Light with a very different emotion attached to it, and flavoring it.


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