Posted by: AngelicView | March 9, 2013

A New Blog Brought to You From AngelicView

AngelicView: Here we have a new Blog brought to you from AngelicView! Angel7

I have done a lot of thinking lately, and it seems that my original “AngelicView” blog is being followed by the more “unawakened”. And that’s okay! Everyone has to start somewhere!

And so this blog is going to be for the more awakened among us. There will be more generally speculative posts in my continuing journey to find “My Truth”.

At first, you’re going to find that I am moving some posts over from AngelicView. Once that’s finished, I’ll start posting new stuff here. I will keep up with AngelicView, as well.

Possible posts might be my messages from Spirit, UFO or Extra Terrestrial information, channelings, and more. Whatever floats my boat.

I’d love to have all of You to come along with me, as you have for my other blog.

Love! Love! Love!




  1. Great look to it

    • Thanks! There aren’t many free ones that are pretty but I liked this one 🙂

  2. I like how you say “Your Truth” for we each have our own. That is so cool.

    • Welcome Avalon! Yes! That is so true 🙂

  3. Plenty of “Woo Woos” in this old skool jam. 😀

    Good luck with the new blog. I think we’re all about to see some out of this world stuff that is going to literally blow our minds.

    God bless, and all my love,

  4. Ahhhhh! There’s my slightly woo-woo DJ friend! Great to have you here, Bobby.

    Do you know that the song you posted is one of my favorites!?! Did you remember that it was the song I requested in our “virtual party”? Awesome! 😀

  5. Wonderful Shannon! Thanks for keeping us awake.

  6. I like this VERY much!!!

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